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Inspiron M5010 - 7 beeps at startup (not powering up)


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Inspiron M5010 - 7 beeps at startup (not powering up)

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Dear community,

My Dell Inspiron M5010 is not powering up anymore: I get 7 beeps on startup and my screen remains black. I already tried different procedures to fix the problem (removing battery, let the computer cool down etc.) but nothing helped.

My notebook is only 1.5 years old!! I bought it in February 2011 and now it is already broken! How can that be?

I have been reading through the threads in this forum and on other websites and it seems that this is a very common problem. On Amazon all the reviews for this model are really poor, most of them indicating this exact problem.

I figured out that the 7 beeps mean that there is a processor/mainboard issue.

I am afraid what I should do now... School just started and I need my computer. But I am out of warranty. Are there any solutions out there for this problem?

I purchased my laptop in the US last year, moved to Europe in the summer and transfered my warranty. I am now back in the States.

Thank you for your help!

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  • Hello all,

    I contacted Dell (Dell-Royan S) via friend request, and he got right back to me. He sent out a box for my laptop with instructions and postage via Fed Ex.

    I just got my M5010 laptop back. Dell replaced the motherboard, audio board, heat sink, and bottom chassis. So far the laptop is working well.

    My warranty was out, but Dell is standing behind their product. So far, I'm very impressed with  Dell's responsiveness and willingness to correct this problem.

  • I can confirm what psfrie wrote above.

    Dell-Royan S helped me to get my laptop fixed although it was out of warranty. After receiving a box, Dell repaired within a few days and it is now working again smoothly.

    Thanks to Royan! He did an awesome job!


  • Crying

    7 beeps at startup (not powering up) = display bad due to gpu needing solder reflowing of Graphic chip with heat gun or lcd cable bad.