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Dell inspiron n5110 i7 8gb freeze while playing


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Dell inspiron n5110 i7 8gb freeze while playing

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Hi, yesterday I noticed that my laptop freezing while playing, I have not installed any new thing. Laptop freeze for ~1-2 sec and sound is "duzzing" then it back to normal. Any ideas ? :\

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  • Hi  Kronoxus,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Check if your system is overheating while playing  games.Make sure the air vents are clean.

    If you've not updated the BIOS,try updating BIOS from this link :

    Note:While updating BIOS AC adapter should be plugged in and battery should be adequately charged(more than 50%). Also disconnect all USB devices/external peripherals connected to the system while updating BIOS.

    If the issue persist even after updating BIOS,than you may consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Video card driver.You can find the drivers on and downloads).

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Thank You  

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  • air vent are clear, just  updated bios and now going to check if the problem remains. Oh, how can I check system heat?

  • I just got same freeze, I was watching video.  It is possible that Im getting these freezes because of my battery? I used laptop without battery because AC adapter always plugged in.

  • Nope just tried without battery, same problem.

  • If this is happening while watching video too,it may be an issue with Video card driver.

    To further check boot your system to Safe mode with Networking (tap F8 on start up,Dell Logo). Try to watch the same Video.If you're able to watch the Video without any problem,uninstall and reinstall the Video card driver.

    To uninstall Video card driver,go to Device Manager(Control Panel,System,Hardware),expand Display Adapters(make a note of Video card listed),right click on the Video card,click uninstall,put check mark for delete driver software( if you get that option),click OK.

    Reboot the system,go to,Drivers and Downloads,enter system Service Tag number,select Operating system,expand Video, in the list(select the video card which you had made a note of while uninstalling),download and install driver.

    Reboot the system and check if the issue persists.

    Thank You

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  • this ss is right after freeze

  • uninstalled, intalled those from dell site and and after ~60min playing got freeze

  • watching videos in youtube cause this freeze offen

  • Sorry for all this spam. I have found something like mine freeze.