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Touchpad Doesn't Work

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I have a Dell Studio 1558 laptop which I purchased a couple of years ago. Recently, I had to change the motherboard due to the fact that the keyboard connector somehow came out of the motherboard while cleaning the dust off my keyboard.  Ever since I installed the new motherboard, my touchpad doesn't work even after installing the necessary drivers. Can anybody please let me know what the issue could be or do I have to install a new Dell Studio 1558 Synaptics Palmrest Touchpad Board.

Also, the ENTER key on my keyboard stopped working. Rest of the keys are working fine. Should I go for a new keyboard or replace only the non-working key.

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  • Hi palahyd,

    Please ensure that the touchpad is not disabled. To ensure that the touchpad is selected and enabled, please perform the following steps:

    1. Click on ‘Start’ and click ‘Control Panel’.

    2. In the control panel, select ‘Mouse’.

    3. When the mouse properties window opens, select the Dell Touchpad tab.

    4. Click in ‘Device Select’ and ensure that the touchpad is enabled.

    As the issue started after replacing the motherboard, it could be an issue due to a loose connection. You may try reseating the touchpad connector.

    You may also try using an external mouse with the system and see if that works.

    For the issue with ‘Enter’ key not working, the keyboard needs to be replaced.

    Let me know the results.

    Please reply in case of any issues. I will be glad to help.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Gaurav,

    I do not see any tab on the Mouse properties window that says 'Dell Touchpad'. I am on Windows 7. Am I missing something here ?

  • If the Touchpad tab is missing under mouse properties, that means the drivers are not installed for the device. The touchpad hardware itself might not be getting detected.

    You may try reseating the touchpad connector on the motherboard. Then try reinstalling the latest drivers for the touchpad. You may download and install the drivers from the following link:


    Please let me know if you need any further assistance. I will be glad to help.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Gaurav,

    I did reseat the touchpad connector properly and then re-installed the Synaptics Driver i.e., R242713. I can now see the Synaptics tab on the Mouse properties window, but couldn't select anything on it. Everything is grayed out and I do not even see any instance of the Synaptics touchpad under this particular new tab. Kindly advise.

  • As reinstalling the drivers and reseating the cable did not help, it seems to be a hardware issue. Either the motherboard or the touchpad would require to be replaced in this case.

    Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Gaurav,

    Thanks for all your help. The issue seems to be with the touchpad cable connector. It seems to have been broken or is not functioning appropriately (maybe due to the recent motherboard replacement). I have recently purchased the touchpad cable and everything is working fine.


  • I am not the above person, but I found this is appropriate to my question.  I have  Dell Studio 1558, Windows 7 and have been trying to disable the touchpad as I am having trouble with the keyboard and evidently rest my hands on touchpad.  I uninstalled Synaptics Driver and am now trying to reinstall, and can't seem to do it.  In my control panel, when I select Mouse, there is no touchpad.

    I use a wireless mouse connected to USB port.

    Please help me to disable the touchpad.

    Thanks.  Rustydonnamae, <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

  • what if in device settings or touchpad tab , I can't highlight the enable. what should  I do?