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Several Issues With Cursor and Touchpad on Inspiron N5050


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Several Issues With Cursor and Touchpad on Inspiron N5050

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The issues I have are as follows:

  1. The cursor jumps to other text when typing so I have to delete and redo.
  2. My cursor often "freezes" and the pointer splits into 3 pieces (I hope that makes sense)
  3. The screen will scroll up when typing

I have done a virus scan with zero results and I have also downloaded drivers for the mousepad and bios. None of these have fixed my problem. Please help!

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. Try uninstalling the existing touchpad driver and reinstall it. To uninstall, click on start, right click on Alps Touchpad and click on uninstall, click ok to confirm. Once removed do not restart your computer, click on the below link to download and install the Touchpad driver, and then restart your computer.

    After restarting the computer, click on start, control panel, mouse, click on the Touchpad Image to bring up the touchpad properties, Under Touchpad, Sensitivity, Turn on TouchGuard or adjust the sensitivity.

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    The issue with my Inspiron is that it does not detect any touchpad at all. I just received mine on the 31st of August and while going through the initial setup steps the mouse icon stayed on the right corner of the screen so I had to use an external usb mouse to go through the initial setup steps. Then after completing the setup stage, the touch pad still did not work. I had gone to the device manager and did not see any touch pad icon. went to download the drivers from the dell web site and installed it, but there was not success. I am suspecting that the touchpad is probably not connected to the main board of the laptop.

    Should I return the laptop for another one?  or are there any other alternative to resolve this issue.




  • I tried this but the uninstall tap is not highlighted so i cannot click on it??

  • i tried this but the uninstall tab is not highlighted so i cannot click on it. I've aslo contected Dell service and they updated the driner but i still have the problems. Just typing this reply the cursor jumped twice so I have to delete and aggrevating...

  • I continue to have the same problem...the cursor jumps as I type and Icannot get a sentance typed before I have to delete and redo..can anyone help me??

  • I believe this is a design defect in Dell laptops. My new Inspiron 5521 has the same issues. One thing that helps is to turn off 'Tap to click'. However, this does not stop the scrolling problem and the cursor will still jump, but not as much.

    I have spent several hours with Dell support trying to solve this problem. (Please note that my old Inspiron that I purchased in 2003 did not have this problem.)

    I am planning to return the laptop for a refund because of this defect.

  • There is something else you can do: 'Disable Touchpad when USB Mouse is present.' This is a hack, but it works.