Create an external DVD drive from Dell enclosure?


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Create an external DVD drive from Dell enclosure?

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I have an external DVD drive which came with my old Latitude X1, would be useful for using with other computers via USB:


But the connector is a weird proprietary Dell D/Bay plug:


1. Does anyone know how to convert this plug into something usable on a different computer without a D/Bay? Some adapter? I've Googled to no avail.

2. Does someone know if the drive that's inside the plastic casing is a standard drive that'll be compatible with one of the £5 caddy enclosures (images; USB powered) that are sold on eBay?

Here is what the drive inside the plastic case looks like from the back: 

DVD Dell X1 DVD Bay.jpg

Thank you in advance!

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  • Anyone? Thank you.

    I would prefer if I could convert the weird Dell D/Bay cable into something like 2 USB ends?

    Alternatively, I found this:

  • Anyone?

    I hate to say it, but this is why I got a Mac... I usually get support with their products, unlike Dell stuff.