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Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 video card upgrade


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Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 video card upgrade

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I have a dell inspiron 17r 5720 its quite good,has 6gig ram and 3.1 ghz processor.however the graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce 630m which isn't the best.Is there a way i can upgrade the video card by changing the motherboard or something. im very serious about this an prepared to do anything to upgrade it

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  • There is no way to upgrade - if you need better video,  you need a higher-end system.

  • Ive read somewhere that with there being the dedicated 630m card you could upgrade to another card. I just bought the same thing, and want to try and upgrade to a 650m (minimum) I cant find anything on anyone having done it or trying to do it. But I know I read that these later Dell models you can get into things like like that.

  • The vast majority of notebooks - this model included - cannot be video-upgraded.  The video chip(s) are part of the mainboard - and there is no video card slot.

    The only systems left with true, separate video cards these days are very high end gaming systems and mobile workstations.  Nothing else is upgradeable.

  • So to be absolutely clear, even though there is the integrated hd4000 and the dedicated gt630m you couldnt by any means upgrade to a 650m(resolder, etc)? And I mean no disrespect or offense but what is your reference of knowledge?

  • The integrated video CAN be replaced by replacing the CPU - should one with better video become available (the 4000 is the best one you can get now).

    The discrete chip cannot be replaced - beyond the physical difficulty you'd face in removing such a complex chip, you'd have to find one with the same pin assignments, and then find a way to build yourself a new mainboard that would support a different GPU.

    In other words, it's impossible from  a practical standpoint.

  • Thats really disheartening. I was really hoping that the dedicated gpu would be replaceable. I still have quite some time to return my 5720 and maybe move up to a special series. Id like the backlit keyboard anyhow.... I cant remember the price difference at the moment. But thats lame.

  • Nothing short of an Alienware-class or Precision system will have a replaceable video card any more - not Dell, not Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. - no one.

    You have to be willing to spring for a $2,000+ system if you want upgradeable video.