Windows 8 RTM Black Screen on Inspiron N5110


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Windows 8 RTM Black Screen on Inspiron N5110

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I have installed Windows 8 RTM on my Dell laptop, but the graphics drivers do not work. I have tried the beta drivers from Intel and they do not work either ( The issue is that Windows 8 does not recognise the laptop screen. It works great via a VGA monitor and if I disable the graphics driver the laptop screen works, but is limited to 1024 x 768, which isn't really of much use.

I'm sure Dell are already aware of this issue as it has been reported so many times already elsewhere, but I still can't find a solution. Intel is blaming Dell and Dell is ignoring the issue or at least being very uncommunicative... Can anybody point me in the riight direction to get this resolved?



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  • There is no resolution that I know of right now except the ones you mentioned, though you could use a HDMI cable as well as the VGA cable.  I have posted in both the Dell Forums and the Intel Forums to see if a resolution is found.  Hopefully we can all find an answer sooner than later.

    Dell Forum Post:

    Intel Forum Post:


    not support!!!!! :(


    The driver link is here, but the link doesn't work. Not even slightly frustrating!!!!.....

  • hey guys,

    Just a suggestion try updating the system BIOS first..uninstall all the drivers from the computer and then try installing the drivers either from intel's website or Dell's website in compatibility mode:

    Reference link:


  • this should work most of the times!!!

  • system bios update is being shown in dell support center, but I am unable to download the update :)

  • I had the same problem a NONE of solutions worked Tongue Tied

    Finally, I knew what to do!! To fix Black Screen of Windows 8 on Inspiron n5110 and Intel HD Graphics you have to get the latest BIOS.

    I posted a video how to do that:

    If you want to get it directly I updated the latest one:

    Big Smile