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Latitude E5520 will not start in Docking Station


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Latitude E5520 will not start in Docking Station

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Hi All,

This is my first post here, so please bear with me!

We have an unusual problem with a Dell Latitude E5520. It has been built with Windows 7 32bit SP1 and McAfee EndPoint Encryption, as we do with all of our laptops.

When the laptop is powered on and then docked, everything works fine. If you then give the laptop a restart whilst docked, it just doesn't! It shuts down and stays in some kind of power save mode. I have been through all of the Power options, including closing of the lid and turned off everything that could be causing this to happen, but still nothing.

If the power button is pressed whilst docked, the light comes on but that's it, no activity. Undock it, power up, close the lid and dock it again, all of the external screen, keyboard and mouse work as you would expect. I believe all of the drivers are up to date (it is a new laptop).

The docking station is an E-Port Plus DP/N: FFCV6 A00

Does anyone have any idea's please?

Many thanks


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  • Same problem here Andy. Did you ever find a solution?

  • Hi, "me 2" - with an E5520, E-Port and Win7 Pro 64-bit. Recently upgraded the SSD and the problem seemed to go away as I managed to cold boot in dock a few times, but now it's back. The disc LED flash a few times, then nothing on the screen, though the fan still operate and the power button is lit.

    Turning off (3 seconds on power button), undocking and starting works - even straight into hibernated Windows - then docking works. It's as if the disc (though SSD in my case) fail to initialize when cold booting in dock...

    Oooh, I have upgraded the BIOS before to A03, but now I see there is an A09 (big jump, huh). First thing on fixes:

    > 1. Addressed some hard drives detection issue.

    Will get back after upgrade.


     Erik L.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks you for your replies, the laptop I had has been passed out to the user still with the same problem. One of my colleagues thinks he knows the problem but unable to fix or confirm it at the moment, which could be a driver issue:

    When the laptop comes from the Dell factory, the hard-drive driver works as it should in the docking station and as stand-alone. When re-installing Windows, this driver is lost and the standard Windows driver is no longer compatible with the docking station.

    As before, I have not been able to confirm this as the laptop is now with the end user, but it might give you some direction if you have time to test!

    Thanks again

  • Yes, the upgrade to A09 worked and machine cold booted in dock (1 try). As the first point was "hard drive detection issue" I believe this fix solved my problem though the combination with the dock is still wierd. Here's the A09 download (search for even newer if reading this in the future):


     Erik L.

  • Ohh, yet another BIOS update for E5520, now A11: