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new XPS 15: how do i enable battery charging?


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new XPS 15: how do i enable battery charging?

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i clicked on some smart charging options to extend battery life, and since then my battery isn't charging anymore. i can't find any options in dell battery meter to enable charging

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  • Hi  lightling,

    Welcome to the Community,

    In Battery Meter there is an option to Turn Off Battery Charging under Battery Health as shown below :

    However even you have enabled this option,once you restart the system it should start charging the battery.So even after restarting the system if battery is not charging.Go to BIOS (tap F2 on start up),under Main check if AC adapter is getting detected normally,than check under Advanced for Battery Health.On BIOS screen press F9 to restore BIOS to default and press F10 for save and exit.

    Now check if the battery starts charging.If the issue persist check on the task bar,battery icon and see if it says "plugged in,not charging".

    Let me know if this helps,

    Thank You

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  • sorry, but i don't have such option under battery status, instead I have another check box saying "remind me if Dell Intelligent Display or Dell Extended Battery Life is On".

    i have 3 tabs on the top which are Status, Battery Health and Desktop Mode, and i can't find a check box that can enable battery charging.

  • Hi,

    Did you check in BIOS if the AC adapter is getting detected normally? In BIOS under Advanced tab check if Charger behaviour is disabled(it should be enabled).

    Also within Windows in task bar,battery icon,when the charger is connected,does it show plugged in charging or not charging?

    Please reply after checking the above settings.

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  • Hi

    My XPS has suddenly developed exactly this problem.

    - The task bar battery icon indicator says (plugged in, not charging)

    - There is NO option 'Turn Off Battery Charging' in the Battery Meter Status Window
    (There are 4 Registers in Battery Meter: Status, Battery Health, Desktop Mode, Longevity Mode)

    (There is a display 'Battery Charging Disabled: but no way to enable it)

    - I looked in the BIOS advanced options: there is 'AC Warnings     (Enabled/Disabled)

    but there is NO other options in Advanced BIOS for changing the Charger behaviour

    Ehhh... there are a lot of Forum posts of this so it is clearly a problem!

  • Hi  jomellon,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Check and confirm if the battery status shows 100% charged.If yes,disconnect the AC adapter and use the system only on battery(to drain the battery) and after some time reconnect the AC adapter.Check if its able to charge the battery.

    Are you using the original Dell AC adapter which cam along with the system? Does it get detected normally in BIOS(AC Adapter Type)?

    Also post your full system model along with Windows version.

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  • Hi Roshan,

    no it showed 46% - I ran on battery and when I reconnected it wouldnt start charging...

    I am using the original adaptor.

    XPS 15 : SBNB1507 1 SR
    Processor : Intel Core i7-3632QM processor 2.20 GHz

    Windows 8 Pro 64 bit

    Fortunately it is now charging again: I restored the BIOS defaults and detached / attached the adaptor a few times

    - but I think there is a problem there. Some developer tried to be a bit too clever about detecting the adaptor / charging(?)

    A simple interface which says 'Enable chraging' in the battery meter would be a good idea: at least one version of the software doesnt have this.



  • Hi Joe,

    Glad you got it working and thank you for sharing your feedback.

    Please feel free to post back for any help.

    Thank You

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  • Hi.


    I am having the same problem (battery is not charged what so ever).

    the battery meter indicates "battery charging disabled", the batter icon indicates "plugged in, no charging".

    the BIOS configuration looks fine (the AC adapter is recognized, and the battery status is OK).

    what should I do?




  • Hi Gabi,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Did you try to restore BIOS to defaults? Does the battery meter show following tabs: Status, Battery Health, Desktop Mode, Longevity Mode?

    May I know your full system model and Windows version?

    Thank You

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  • Hi,

    I did try to restore the BIOS - didn't help

    The battery meter shows status, Battery Health, Desktop Mode.

    full system model = XPS 15z L511Z

    Windows version = WIn 7 Home premium SP1


    strangest thing, when I reboot my laptop it suddenly stop recognize the battery and pop up a message that this is not a Dell battery and the Battery meter indicates "No battery Is detected". needless to say, I didnt replace the battery.

    any ideas?




  • My system came back after I restored the BIOS, but also connected, de-connected power a few times.

    I think there is some wonky software in there that tries to be too clever.

  • Hi  Gabid,

    If the battery is not getting detected at times it may be a loose connection issue.However first try to uninstall and reinstall Dell QuickSet Utility.To uninstall go to Control Panel,Programs and Feature,select Dell QuickSet,Uninstall.

    Reboot system,download and reinstall it from this link:

    After reinstalling reboot the system and if you still get the same message about the battery.

    If issue persists try disconnecting and reconnecting the battery cable from the System Board.

    For steps refer to Service Manual:

    Let me know how it goes.

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  • Hi,


    I tried doing what you recommended:

    1. There wasn't Dell QuickSet Utility installed, so I installed it from your link and rebooted the system - No luck.

    2. I disconnected + connected the battery - still doesn't work.


    The "un-recognized battery" message is popping up whenever I turn on the laptop (before even the OS starts to load), on the BIOS level.

    (a week ago, the battery was recognized on the BIOS level and just wasn't charged)


    any more ideas? this is a brand new laptop, I didn't use it for almost a year since I bought it....



  • Hi Gabid,

    Since reconnecting the battery cable did not help it could be either a fault with the battery or the system board itself.

    The only other thing you can try is to find someone who uses the same system model and swap the battery to check if its an issue with the battery and see if you're able to get your system battery charged on that system.

    If the other battery works then you need to replace your system battery.If it does not recognize the other battery too then it could be an issue with your system board.

    Is your system under warranty?

    Thank you

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  • Hi Dell-Roahan,

            Please my laptop battery is not charging. At first i hard a power surge at my place and it affected the charger. I was able to fix the charger and later discover that the battery was also affected. (my laptop is the Studio XP 1640), the battery was just showing only one of the led light underneath it on when press instead of to of the led lights....Also when the laptop is not connected to power supply with the adapter ...the laptop those not go on....Also when the  battery is connected to the laptop and the adapter is also connected to the laptop, it will not come up. All this really pissed me off until i was told to buy a new battery.

    Presently i just got a new battery that is exactly the same as the old on . its the required specification but right now the new battery is not charging on the laptop and also it those not work when the laptop is not connected . Except i connect the laptop to the power supply then it comes up but tells me that ifs not identifying the battery. also the battery is not charging.

    Am really disturb with this issue. please what should i do or what do i have to do to make the new battery work perfectly with the laptop. I really love my laptop and i can't afford not to be with it always.

    Thanks so much. I hope to hear back from you soonest.

    Truly Yours