New Dell XPS15 (L521X) - Overheats when Lid is Closed - Hibernate/Sleep Issue?


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New Dell XPS15 (L521X) - Overheats when Lid is Closed - Hibernate/Sleep Issue?

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I got my new XPS 15 / L521X this weekend and love it. Great laptop!!

I have an issue that sleep/hibernate does not to work properly when the lid closes. I think it overheats once lid is closed and laptop is put in sleep/hibernate mode. The screen is definitely off when I close the lid. Still when I start it back up I get black screen and laptop beeps continuously. I can power laptop down with power-button and start back on and things are fine. I feel there might be a general issue getting system out of sleep.

I by the way did a clean install of Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit and used all Dell Driver from Website. Also upgraded Memory to 16 GB and also replaced Hard Drive with a 500 GB Hybrid SSD/HDD drive (AFTER I noticed that this system already has a 32GB SDD cache built in!?). Service Tag is

<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

Any ideas on BIOS settings, Drivers, etc. I could check out? I played with the Advanced Power Settings, but did not see anything obvious. Any help is much appreciated!


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  • Hi Bernd,

    Welcome to the Community,

    After reinstalling Windows did you install the drivers in the correct order?

    Refer to this link below to find the correct order to install the drivers :

    If you haven't followed the correct order,if possible reinstall the Windows and install the drivers in the correct order.

    Also try to download and update the BIOS.

    If issue persists even after try the above steps,run the hardware diagnostics (tap F12 on start up).

    Post back error code/message if any.

    Thank You

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  • Thanks, Roshan for the feedback! No, I did not follow the order of driver installation; didn't think it makes difference back then. I will try. Would hate to re-install windows, and will try to uninstall and reinstall drivers first. I also noticed that it might has nothing to do with closing the lid. I had the same thing happening when computer went to sleep with lid open. Could not get it out of sleep as it kept beeping. Hard shutdown and restart fixed it.

    Will keep you updated on progress.

    Thanks again!


  • I have been re-installing pretty much all of the drivers. Still no change. Computer goes to sleep => after around 10 minutes I cannot get it back out. I receive black screen and continuous beeps.

    Does anybody know the beep signal codes for this model? It is beep continuously without a specific pattern. I have been counting upwards 10 beeps and it seems to just continue to beep until i reboot. Any ideas what I can try to look in specifically? Does anybody else have any similar behavior?

  • Hi  ben1st,

    Beep codes can be used as diagnostic indicators for no post issue.The computer might emit a series of beeps during start-up if there are errors or problems. This series of beeps, called a beep code, identifies a problem. The delay between each beep is 300ms. The delay between each set of beeps is 3 sec and the beep sound will last for 300 ms.

    Beep CodeFault DescriptionPossible Point of Failure
    System board, covers BIOS corruption or ROM error

    System board:
    BIOS ROM failure

    No Memory/RAM detected

    If you install or replace the memory module, ensure that the memory module is seated properly.
    System board, Chipset Error, Clock failure, Gate A20 failure, Super I/O Failure, Keyboard controller failure

    System board: Chipset

    Memory/RAM failure
    CMOS battery failure
    RTC Power Failure
    Video card/chip failure
    Video BIOS
    CPU failure
    LCD failure

    In your case this beep codes is not applicable as system beeps only when you try to wake up the system from sleep mode.I would suggest you to update the BIOS from this link below and see if that helps:

    Note:Even if the system says you are using the same BIOS version,continue and flash the BIOS.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Thank You

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  • Thanks, Roshan! I updated BIOS to A06 (was still A04; I did not see the BIOS update before) last weekend. I did not experience the issue since. I'll keep monitoring for another few days and would close the thread in a couple of days. Thanks again for your great support!

  • You're Welcome

    Glad updating BIOS helped.

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  • I was too fast responding; issue still occurs. It seem I get it out of sleep with no problem within 10-20 minutes, but once I hit a few hours, it will not come out of sleep. Problem is I can only do a hard reboot at that point which is very messy with all applications open.

    Any more ideas? Otherwise I would wait a few more weeks  for more driver updates and reinstall windows then. still not sure if that is Windows Issue or a HW issue.


  • Just some ideas - if you are desperate you certainly will accept even the most "stup!d" possible solutions....... ;-)

    You mentioned sleep/hibernation mode and were then talking about sleep mode only

    > does your system work fine if you don't use sleep/hibernation mode?

    > if yes - does it also work fine using hibernation mode?

    > if yes again - how many memory modules do you have? If more than one I would try using only one and switching between them.Since in sleep mode your current windows session is stored in memory maybe something's wrong with that.

    >if hibernation and sleep mode fail I would additionally test the hard drive - the hibernation file might be/get corrupted where it is currently saved on hard disk

    > I know it's stup!d but you never know.......


    BTW - since you have already reinstalled windows from scratch how about using a free backup software to create an backup image file of your OS? It's a matter of minutes once you know how it works.Either use Win7 built-in backup software (use image option) or download

    both of them will work - but I prefer Macrium.....

  • Great feedback; not 'stupid' at all ;-) Hibernation works without problem. I try to put system into hibernate instead of sleep as much as possible. Didn't think about memory, that could very well be the issue. I switched original Memory to 16 GB with 2x 8 GB modules. I will try to switch memory back to original and test.

    I used the following Module and I recall it was listed somewhere (not at Dell site) as 'compatible'. Maybe it is not keeping enough power during sleep: Patriot Signature 8GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Laptop Memory Model PSD38G16002S. DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Cas Latency 11 1.5V

    Do you know which module is used for sleep mode? One is below the system board (have to again remove complete board to replace), second one easily accessible from the back.

    Thanks for the Disk Backup hint; I have been using Acronis to do the same thing.

  • Don't ask me about part numbers and technical specifications - I don't have a clue - sorry about that.

    If the system still "misbehaves"  after inserting the original memory modules I would start a new thread and specifically ask other users who have the same system if they experience similar problems.It could be mainboard/BIOS issue that might be fixed at a later time by Dell

    Personally I only use hibernation mode since I never connect my battery to the laptop (do it only every know and then to keep it alive).For sleep mode you need the battery connected to the system otherwise  BSOD is inevitable ... ;-)

  • Hi  ben1st,

    It is not defined as to which specific module would be used for sleep mode.As suggested by MicroTest you can run the hardware diagnostics on the system first and see if it picks up any error.To run Diagnostics tap F12 on start up, select Diagnostics.This will start the normal Quick test.If you want to run extended test on HDD and Memory,press ESC key,select Custom scan,select HDD,run test.Similarly you can run custom scan on Memory.

    If these test's passes without any error,than it could be a software related issue and reinstalling Windows should help.

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