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Inspiron 15R Special Edition 7520 maximum memory is 16GB not 8GB!


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Inspiron 15R Special Edition 7520 maximum memory is 16GB not 8GB!

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The information that you get from Dell states that the maximum Ram is 8GB and they do not sell 2 X 8GB ram to upgrade. I puchased DDR3 1600MHz Vengeance RAM P/N CMSX16GX3M2A1600C10 from CORSAIR and it works perfectly and tests perfectly. I also found a 9 cell battery that is guaranteed to work with my laptop. Dell does not sell a 9 cell for this laptop. I will give an update on the battery as soon as I get it and test it out.

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  • Hi Mr. Snoid,

    Thank you for your detailed research on our product. Keeping in view your valuable feedback I would like to add to it that on our official website we have a separate section that recommends our customers choose Memory for their system depending on their needs. Please find the link below for your reference:

    Regarding the 9 cell battery I have intimated the inventory team. Once we have the update will keep you posted on the same.

    Thanks & Regards
    Zohaib R
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  • Which version of Windows 7 64-bit do you have installed?

    With Windows 7 Professional (64-bit), I think it's possible to use up to 32GB of RAM (since i7-3612QM max out at 32GB). I wonder if anyone has tried this.

  • I have Windows 7 Home Permium 64 bit . I wonder how much RAM Wndows 8 will allow. It's oming out officially on Oct.26. The upgrade is being offered for PCs purchaced after 6/2 for $14.99 ( I read about it from the horses mouth, ).

  • I don't think MS has published the RAM limits - but if it's like Windows 7 and you need a large amount of RAM, don't count on the basic Windows 8 (the $15 upgrade) fitting your needs - you will likely wind up having to buy 8 Pro.

    With Windows 7, the Home versions are limited to 16 G (64-bit) at most.

  • Have you received the 9 cell battery?  If so, please send me the name of the vendor so thay I may purchase one.  Also, is your 7520 still functioning well with 16GB of memory?

    Please respond to my e-mail address: <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

    Howard Wood

  • With more than 8GBs of RAM some of the Intel Response Technologies wont work...

    But i prefer 16GBs of RAM above Intel Technologies! =P

  • I'm not familair with Intel Response Technologies. What does it do?

  • It is the driver that enables the use of an SSD as a caching drive (among other things).

  • The battery snaps in and charges but you can't open the laptop with it attached, so it does not work.

  • I guess that means that with 16GB RAM my 32GB SSD can not be used as a caching drive. How much does that negativily affect  hard drive performance?

  • With regards to Inspiron 15R SE/7520, there are only 2 slots available and at this moment in time there are no reputable memory manufacturers that produce 16GB memory sticks. The largest capacity at the time of this writing is only 8GB memory stick.

  • Here, read the documentation by dell:

  • Just a quick confirmation - I added 16 GB RAM to my Inspiron 15r SE (identical set as above - CMSX16GX3M2A1600C10) and it works perfectly. I haven't noticed any drop in the Windows 8 boot time (UEFI boot from an SSD cache is still around 20 seconds). The Intel Rapid Storage Technology tray icon informs me that RST is not running, but I open the RST application and the Current Status informs me that "Your system is functioning normally". I haven't encountered any practical downside to upgrading the RAM. 

  • This starting to  all make sense, i think originally when this range came out 32gig msata was option round the world for most countries. Dell probably only tested 32gig msata in config of 8gig for hibernation and 20 gig for caching the mechanical hardrive with 8gigs of RAM.

    i think recommendation of  8gigs of ram memory is to ensure RST works as the partition is fixed at system build to 8gigs so if you upgraded to 16 gigs it would stop working. so they probably did this for incompatibilities sake and have not updated the bios and  technical info regarding this but a number of people have stated the system can take 16gigs of ram but  shows as 8gigs in the bios.

  • thankyou for including the model number of ram that definitely works , can you confirm what size is shown in the bios ?