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laptop unresponsive


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laptop unresponsive

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Unfortunately installed "Critical Dell update driver" for Inspiron N4010.  I should have known better, when it asked if I wanted to change "bios". Now laptop is unresponsive. Light is on, but it won't turn off or on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I feel so stupid.

Ma Hyde

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  • Hi,

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    The problem you are describing, from that I could understand that you, by mistake flashed he BIOS. Now you need to check whether the system is completing POST or not.

    I would suggest you to do a flee power by removing the battery and power cable, and then hold the power button for more than 30seconds.Turn on the system by connecting the power cable back on and when you do so please press the caps lock key and check if the caps lock light comes on or not on the keyboard.

    Please reply for any further queries.

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