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My Inspiron 1564 Keyboard not working


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My Inspiron 1564 Keyboard not working

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My 2 years old notebook Inspiron 1564 letters suddenly stopped working. The letters b, n, space bar, and right Alt keys are not working. I have tried removing the keys and cleaned underneath. I even dismounted the whole keyboard and applied air from compressor to clean underneath the space bar, but no luck. Anyone can help? How to check if the software need updates?

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  • Hi  kojak87,

    Welcome to the Community,

    You've already performed most of the troubleshooting steps.As such no updates or driver would help to fix the non working keys on your system keyboard.Connect an external USB keyboard to the system,if the external keyboard works fine,than you need to get the system keyboard replaced.

    Let me know if you need help in finding the keyboard for your system.

    Thank You

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  • I have much of the same issue but, I have a new key keyboard and a new motherboard. What next please...

  • Hi tbjanicki ,

    You may try running 'Diagnostics' on the 'Keyboard' to check if the hardware is failing. The following steps will help you in running the 'Diagnostics' on the 'Keyboard'.

    Shut the system down, hold down the 'Fn'key and start the system. This will initiate the 'Diagnostics' and test most of the hardware components. Once complete, you will see the option to 'Continue' and 'Exit'. Select 'Exit' and press any key to continue. Select the option 'Test System' and then 'Custom Test'. You should see the page which lists all the hardware components on the system. Select 'Keyboard' from the menu and select 'Run Test'. Make a note of any errors during the test and reply to this post

    You can also refer the following link for running the Diagnostics on the system.

    I hope this helps.

    Please reply in case of any queries.

    Thanks and regards
    Harish R

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  • I tried what you said and here is my result. The controller test was good. The stuck key test was good. It failed both the key sequence and interactive tests. I have two keyboards for the computer. On the one the buttons t y backspace caps lock and shift do not work. On the other keyboard the buttons up arrow b n and ? Do not work. Now what do I do?
  • Hi  ndgrim,

    Since this issue is happening with both the keyboards it may not be a hardware issue.

    Did you check the ribbon cables on both the keyboards for any damage?

    Try checking the Keyboard and Languages settings.

    Go to Control Panel,Region and Language,select Keyboards and Languages,select Change keyboards,make sure the Default input language is set to English (United States)-US.

    If it is already set to  English (United States)-US change it to some other language,click Apply,OK.

    Then go back and change it to  English (United States)-US,click Apply,OK.

    Reboot the system and check if the keys respond normally.

    Thank You

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  • I did what you said, and it still has the same problem. The computer had this problem 4 years ago, so I ordered a new keyboard. When the new keyboard arrived, the original decided to work again; and it has worked ever since until this week. I guess it is possible that both keyboard's ribbons are damaged, but that seems unlikely. Should I purchase a 3rd keyboard to try? Perhaps there is a short in the wiring of the board, but that does not explain why each keyboard has different nonfunctioning keys.

  • Hi  ndgrim,

    Have you tried a external USB keyboard? Does all the keys on the external keyboard respond normally?

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  • I do not have one.

  • If possible try  and find one to test on your system.If the USB keyboard also has problem with some of the keys not responding then it may not be a hardware related issue.

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  • The problem has gone away at random.  I had my computer off for a few days, turned it on without doing anything differently, and now the keyboard is fully operational.  I guess it will decide to work for another 4 years now.