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Window resume loader


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Window resume loader

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I have an Inspiron laptop running windows 7. It takes me to a window resume loader screen when I log in. I cannot get to the bios function f2 and f12 don't do anything. It seems the keyboard is not responding at all. The menu prompt wants me to pick between continue with system resume or delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu I cannot move it up and down via the arrow keys and enter does nothing. Please help!
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  • Hello farnoogler. My name is Sreenath and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. In case you are unable to use the arrow keys, try using the "Tab" key on the keyboard, select the option to delete restoration data and press enter. If the keys do not work at all, try these steps :

    1) Disconnect all cables from the computer

    2) Remove the battery

    3) Press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds and release it

    4) Put the battery back in, connect the power cable and turn on the computer and check if the keyboard works.

    5) If it does, select to delete restoration data and press enter. The computer should boot up normally.

    Thanks and Regards

    Dell-Sreenath G

    Dell Social Media Responder.

  • Thanks but no luck so far. The tab key and enter keys do not work. I am going to  try to borrow a USB keyboard to plug in and see if that helps. I had taken out the battery for a few hours but that did not change anything

    I read some people having this issue and they were able to get to the bios and change a setting to get the pc to recognize the keyboard but I am not sure how to do that when the keyboard does not seem to work :-)

  • Plugging in a keyboard allowed me to select the delete the registration data.  The computer booted up but something is causing / to be typing constantly.  The key does not appear to be jammed and I took it off to test it.  Nothing came up on a virus check

  • Looks like some key might be stuck on the keyboard. Are you getting any continuous beeping or tapping sound when you turn the computer on?


    Dell-Sreenath G

    Dell Social Media Responder