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Inspiron 14R 4110 (windows 7 32 bit Driver Issues)


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Inspiron 14R 4110 (windows 7 32 bit Driver Issues)

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I installed windows 7 32 bit and now i cant find driver for network controller and wifi. Anyone else having similar issues?

Please help

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  • Hi bidhanneupane,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Since Inspiron 14R 4110 was shipped with Windows 7 64 bit,we don't have 32 bit drivers for all the components.However there are few drivers which works on both 32 bit and 64 Bit.

    In device manager network controller would be your wireless card (WLAN) and Ethernet Controller would be your Network card (LAN)

    For you Network card (LAN) use this Driver :

    Which wireless card did your system come with? Was it Intel or Dell wireless card?

    Let me know which wireless card your system came with and I will see if i help you find the 32 bit driver.

    Thank You

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