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No Screen On/Off automatically feature on Dell Inspiron 15R 5510R

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Dear Dell Team!

At the time that I bought my Dell Inspiron 15N 5110 R, I notice that it has the automatically On/Off Screen Power. It means that when I leave my desk table (do not use Laptop) it will automatically off the screen after seconds, and when I get back the screen is displayed again. I guest that this feature is control by the small sense next to the Web Cam at the top center of the screen.

But now I do not know how this feature is gone although I did not changes anything on the configuration, my laptop now is even not lock or get in screen saver mode. When I did not use it for a while, the laptop's screen is still light and after minutes it will off, I need to press the POWER button to resume it. When pressing that Power button it will kill the on-going process like uploading a file to Mediafire (the upload process will be corrupted when the Laptop get in to temporary off mode).

Could you please advise me how to get back the Automatically On/Off screen on my Dell Inspiron 15R 5110R. Thank you so much.


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  • Hi,

    Welcome to Community. Click on start, Control Panel, Power Options. Check if its under Balanced or Power Saver, if the check mark is under Balanced, click on Change plan Settings, there you can set to turn of Display after 1 minute of 2 minutes, or put the computer to sleep after a duration.

    Thank you

  • Dear Royan!

    Thank you so much for your quick response.

    At my Dell Inspiron 15N 5110R, I have 2 options for the power plan, the are:

    - Dell

    - Power Saver

    The current active plan is Dell, with the detail setting are: Dim the display: 5 mins, Turn off the display: 10 mins, Put the

    computer to sleep: 30 mins. All options here is with "Plugged in", with "On battery" the time duration is divided by 2.

    So are these settings okie?

    I still wondering about the Automatically On/Off Screen feature at my Dell Inspiron 15N 5110R, I have tested it at the time of purchasing. The test is hereafter:

    - I left my desk table --> the screen turn off after second

    - I back to my desk table, or bring my hand over the sense next to the Web Cam at the top center of screen --> the screen turn on again.

    But now, this feature has gone, could you please advise me how to get it back.

    Thank you so much.



  • Hi Trong,

    I think you are talking about Dell FastAccess 3.0 Facial Recognition Software. Check the below link.

    Thank you