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How to Confirm if My N5110 Laptop has Intel Wireless Display Capability (Intel WIDI)


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How to Confirm if My N5110 Laptop has Intel Wireless Display Capability (Intel WIDI)

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Hello Everyone

I want to connect my laptop without any HDMI or any other cable (wireless connection) to my Samsung series 7 LED smart TV to use it as big monitor, Through this I can use full functionality of my laptop to see all kinds of internet & multimedia contents which TV alone does not support. I know this is possible through Intel Wireless Display Technology (WIDI). After searching many websites including the main Intel WIDI site, I am confused.

I want to know if my notebook is capable of utilizing the intel wireless display and if yes how can I get it activated? Is there an automatic way to find that out through any website? Please guide me step by step.

If not what do I need to do to make my notebook capable of this feature, can I upgrade the hardware or install an additional hardware to achieve this goal?

I have a Dell Inspirion N5110 laptop with following configuration:

1. Processor, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz

2. Display Adapters, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family 1294.58984375MB

3. Wireless Network Adapter, Dell Wireless 1702 802.11 b/g/n.

Thanks in adcance to everyone contributing to solve this problem.


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  • In order to do this you need an Intel wireless adapter - the Dell one would need to be replaced with an Intel card.

  • Thanks ejn63 for your reply.

    Is it possible to replace Wireless Card with an intel one? How costlier this can be?

  • Replacing a wireless card is detailed in the service manual:

    The cards generally cost less than $50;  the Intel one Dell uses is the N-6230.

  • Thanks a lot ejn63, I have downloaded the manual several times but some which how the main pic which describes the process on page 38 of the manual, is not showing up properly. Can you please also check that is it a problem with my PC or does the manual misses this pic? can you send it separately to me via email, I will appreciate that.

  • It doesn't show up for me, either.  I don't have any access other than what you have -- I can forward to a moderator to see what they say.

  • Hi ejn63, any answer from moderator????

  • Hi enj63, I posted the same question to intel, below is there answer:

    "The IntelĀ® Wireless Display is a Platform dependant feature. It must be pre-installed and enabled by the laptop manufacturer before the system is purchased. Doing hardware changes after-market may not guarantee that the feature will work correctly. A laptop that supports this feature will advertize it in the specifications. you may also check the link below for a list of hardware and software needed:

    Specifically in your case, the system does not support this feature, one of the basic requirements is the wireless adapter must be one of the listed ones from the link above."

    Do you still believe changing the wireless adapter will allow me use WIDI functionality???