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Dell Inspiron 7520 Loud Fan Noise


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Dell Inspiron 7520 Loud Fan Noise

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Does anyone here owns an Inspiron 15R SE (7520)? i recently have problem with the fan. it makes so much noise even under idle or minimal usage. when the fan turns on, the noise get very loud and irritating. the noise will stop temporarily if i hold the display lid but it will continue making noise when i'm letting off the lid. also, if i hold the laptop vertically, with the vent pointing upward, the noise will stop. the noise of the fan are similar to the guy's laptop in this video hope anyone can help me.

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  • Fan is running with high speed because of chipset (PCH) temperature. More info here:

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  • Hi afiq,

    Welcome to the community.

    As holding the laptop vertically stops the fan’s noise temporarily, it means it’s a hardware issue and the fan needs to be replaced. You can add me as a friend and provide the service tag number of the computer via a private message. After checking the service contracts, I will let you know the next course of action.

    Let me know the findings. Glad to be of assistance.

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  • I have a same proble, can anyone help me?

  • I have problems with the fans, they are noisy and continuous

    I bought the new laptop Dell 7520 SE one week ago. I tried to do all the Dell recomandations that I found on the internet, shout down, remove battery, ac...., the bios is updated, there is no dust,  isclean.... all the drivers are installed, the temperature is   between 41 and 50 Celsius degree

    Please help me!

    Thank you!

  • I think the noise of the 7520 is louder in general. I also wondered about it but i seems as if the hardware is working fine. (See also my thread ). In normal mode the fan seems to go up to 3400 rpm.

    Unless your fan isnt making any noises as in the video (a broken fan sounds exactly like this), which afiq posted, and diagnostics show that the fan passed the test and you dont have any temperatur issues, I would say everything is fine.

  • Dell Inspiron 15r se 7520

    loud and noisy fan on full blast almost all the time

    I purchased this laptop recently. I've had the best experiences with Dell machines for more than 10 years, both professionally and at home, until I bought this one.

    From day 1 the fan has been on full blast most of the time (more then 90% of the time), even when the machine is idle. The problem appears to be related or aggravated by having a second screen attached and enabled. When displaying on one screen only (either the first or second) the fan is much quieter.

    Also, with two screens enabled, and the fan on full blast, the moment you "blank" the screens (say by calling "scrnsave.scr /s" or similar), the fan stops. When switching the screens back on (just move the mouse), after a few moments the fan is on full blast again.

    Last week Dell replaced the heat sink and the motherboard. This successfully fixed the problem and the fan was quiet and normal.

    Regrettably the technician broke two other things:

    1. all 4 front LED lights broken
    2. BIOS inaccessible / "F2" key at boot time ("POST") does not work / BIOS screens do not show

    So the motherboard was replaced again, and regrettably, the fan problem is back.

    Now the fan is on full blast often, and noisy most of the time.

    <to be continued>


    PS: I would like to recommend Dell and its service team for their proactive support: they actually called me first to ask whether I was satisfied with my purchase and whether I'd been having any issues. I then informed them of the above and repairs were promptly organised, and continuing...





  • Great :-(  after a broken heat sink and ridiculous  fan noise, now the Card Reader and the internal speakers are broken too !!!!

  • Yes mr. Afirq,

    I have two NEW laptops Dell 7520 SE and FAN control is very deficient and limited. I have latest BIOS A09 and there is no options to set up FAN control.

    The temperature is between 41 and 50 Celsius degree. Fan is off and at 49 degrees is starting with big noise to full or middle speed! After while turns off and after while again! It is not possible keep mind and concentrate to your work! I am getting crazy from this FEATURE! This is something, what I was I can not expect from DELL company.

    I am DELL fan and this is not my first DELL laptop BUT WHEN THIS WILL NOT BE SOLVED IT WILL BE THE LAST.

    Lets join, all 7520 users together, to request BIOS A10 update with quiet and continuous regulation with setting in BIOS! Another solution is professional utility from DELL to control FAN under Windows.

  • Nobody cares...

    here is the same problem reported by another user:

  • Fan is running with high speed because of chipset (PCH) temperature. More info here: