Where is my SSD ???


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Where is my SSD ???

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Hi there ... I didn't knew I was a noob, but I really need on this one ... I just received my M14x today, and while I was looking through configs, I couldn't find my SSD.  The thing is, I checked packaging slip, invoice and everything, and it's supposed to be there, it seems I just don't know how to access it.... Help please ...

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  • Korgot

    If you are referring to the SSD hard drive it is an internal component of the notebook.   You will need to disassemble the notebook to be able to access it.  

    If you are referring to an SD card,  that may come in a different package then the original system. If you would like for me to check please send me a private message with your name and the service tag of the notebook.


  • Haha, I appreciate your answer :P I knew a SSD was a drive, and no I'm not talking about an SD card ;) What I meant is that I thought an SSD was basicly a second faster HDD on which we can install programs to make them run faster and smoother.  Unless I'm mistaken and that's not the point of a SSD, then where can I find said drive to choose it as install location for future games and programs ?

  • It isn't set up as a separate drive. It is used as a cache for frequently accessed data - it will not show up as a separate system drive.

  • Ok I get you now; you are asking what drive letter the SSD might have.  

    So I went over the different options that you can choose for SSDs on the M14X

    500GB single drive + 32GB mSATA caching SSD - This will have one drive letter, the system automatically determines what files are used the most and will move those files to the SSD.  This is done automatically by the system, not manually.

    750GB  single drive + 32GB mSATA caching SSD - same thing only more storage one drive letter.

    Single 256 SSD SATA drive - Only one drive, one drive letter.

    Two 256GB SSD SATA drives in Raid 1 configuration.   Raid one, each drive will mirror the other drive for security.

    Two 256GB SSD SATA drives in Raid 0 configuration.  Combines both drives into one fast, large drive volume.  Risk is that if you lose one drive, you will lose all your data.

    512GB SSD SATA 6Gb/s- Only one drive, one drive letter.

    So yeah you will only get one drive letter.   I know what you mean, on a lot of gaming systems, people will have it configured so that the SSD drive is often used as the boot drive to install Windows and favorite programs in.  The M14X  doesn't  ship with that option.

    I hope that I have answered your question.


  • (Side curiosity) -- is there a reason Dell is setting the systems up with a caching SSD rather than installing one of the hybrid drives (such as the Seagate Momentus XT), that have SSD built into them?

  • Yeah, I have the 750 + 32gb SSD.  So theres no way to set this as a different letter drive so I could see and check what gets on this drive ?

  • No, there isn't - it's a cache, not  separate drive.

  • Ejn63

    I don't believe that Dell has stopped using hybrid drives, especially on systems with room for only one hard drive.