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dell Inspiron n5010 won't boot


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dell Inspiron n5010 won't boot

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I am having problems with my out of warranty dell n5010  hope some one can help. when i try to start the computer the black screen comes up and says

REBOOT and SELECT proper Boot device or insert Boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

I did find the boot device was set to USB so I switched back to hard drive and restarted but error still pops up. I also ran the diagnostic test and no errors came up.

also has an error PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

PXE-M0F: exiting PXE ROM

Is my computer toast? hope someone can help 

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  • Does the BIOS detect the hard drive?  F2 at powerup.

  • how do I tell hit F2

  • Press F2 a few times to get into BIOS setup, right after turning the power on.

  • I  am not real computer savvy but can figure somethings out. I hit F2 at start up what am I looking for  

  • Look in the BIOS setup to make sure the hard drive shows up.  If it doesn't, chances are it has failed.

  • is that BIOS Version A!2?

  • how do I get to BIOS set up is it one of the line items. sorry for my lack of knowledge

  • Press F2 a few times immediately after powering on.

  • Sorry for the confusion I am in the set up utility. How do I tell if it is recognizing the hard drive is it one of the line items

    i.e.. CPU Type, Fixed HDD

  • Fixed HDD.  The model number and capacity should be identified.

  • it says NONE does that mean hard drive is toast? thank s for your help

  • Most likely that's what it means.  You can try removing and reinstalling the drive but it's likely history.

    Doing that on this system isn't a trivial exercise.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

  • Thank you for all your help. I originally called technical support and they wanted to charge me $59.99 plus tax for what you just helped me with. I have never been on a forum and thought I might try it. I might try to reinstall the hard driver but unfortunately I think you are right as this is the third Dell notebook I have owned that the hard drive has crashed on after a little over year ownership. Dell has lost my business.

  • It just isn't any different with any other brand - there are just three manufacturers that make notebook drives -- and they're the same whether they go into a Dell, or an HP -- or a Mac.

  • It is mostly the fact we had 2 Dells where the hard drive crashed after one year. then we owned an HP and never had issues until it was about 5 years old and had become outdated. Then my husband decided to buy a Dell again even tough I reminded him about the fact they seem to be "one year throw away computers", as a computer tech once told me. So that fact, crumby customer service and tech support has killed it for me. Again thank you of all your help.