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Dell Inspirion 1546 will not start, keyboard inert


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Dell Inspirion 1546 will not start, keyboard inert

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a colleague asks me a riddle: laptop keyboard almost completely inactive at the launch.
DELL Inspiron 1546. It went out alone after a few seconds. rarely

he came to start windows 7. In most cases there was nothing going on by pressing ON.

I first thought about changing the thermal paste. Done, the computer starts every time now. This is progress.
But now it refuses to open Windows. A message announces that appears damaged. But it is impossible to confirm the diagnosis since the launch ... THE KEYBOARD IS INERT! except the menu button (left of the CTRL

right) which serves as the top arrow and Tab makes many tabs, all

others seem inactive. Especially ENTER!

So in your opinion, what could it be?? Viruses, damaged Motherboard, RAM, Hard Drive? ...

What should I do??

thank you!

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  • Check to make sure the keyboard cable is properly connected.  You might also want to try an external, USB keyboard.

  • I've plugged an usb keyboard. It works, but after few seconds during the windows 7 start, a blue screen appears just for a very short instant, and the computer restart.

    So with the USB keyboard, I've tried to chek the motherboard setup. I've disabled ATA système, restart (bug). So I've restored ATA system. After restart, It works ! I Don't understand why...

    BUT... even on Windows 7, the keyboard (not the USB one) doesn't work. I've checked cables and plugs. All seems right. I never seen that before. only two touches work : menu and tab. the motherboard could be dammaged ?  or maybe the keyboard ?

    what do you think about it ?

    if windows finally start normally, the mother board is not dead, it seems logical. So what's the trouble ?...

  • You need to set the hard drive back to the operation mode it was in when you started -- you can't switch from AHCI/RAID to ATA mode -- Windows won't load.

    Assuming you can get in, using the external keyboard - press F12 a few times, load the Dell diagnostics and run an extended test on the hard drive.  It sounds like a drive problem.

  • Hi !

    I've installed keyboard driver, in vain.

    Please, where could I find the mother board update (flashing the Bios) ?

    the reference is : G5PHY 0G5PHY CN0G5PHY CN-0G5PHY 48.4CX01.011

    Impossible to find this file on the Internet.

    It's the last solution because all works right but the keyboard. I've observed that some touches work, like "T", "tab", or "menu". Each touch types his character and his neibourgh : "T5F" for "T", "²Q" for "tab"...

    maybe could it give you any clue.

    But impossible to affirm if it's a hard or soft trouble. I beg myself if the kb is dead !!!

    please, let me know !

    best regards

  • It is not a good idea to update the BIOS if the system isn't working properly.  That said,

  • thank you for the file.

    I hesitate to use it. I don'tknow if the problem is the keyboard, the motherboard, the bios, or a virus.

    everything seems to work except the keyboard ...

    What do you think of this symptom:

    "t" gives "t (fg", "tab" gives "² q", then press and its neighbors.

    furthermore, the usb keyboard works outside. So although the chipset recognize the writing codes.

    Finally, unable to use the RECOVERY partition. after F8, I try to repair the computer. Instead of starting the repair, it runs windows normally.

    Finally, you can not boot my windows installation cd. Yet I have set the boot order in bios. nothing to do.

    So four questions:

    - The problem of the keyboard: physical, motherboard, bios, virus?

    - The unreachable partition recovery

    - Can not boot on an installation CD

    - Considering all this, is this a good idea to flash the bios?

    thank you very much