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HELP my pc won't shutdown on windows 7!


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HELP my pc won't shutdown on windows 7!

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I don't know why and how long this has been going on but for some reason i can't turn off my pc, there's nothing running in the background, i did a full system scan with norton results are clean, i just don't understand what's happening. First i turn off the pc by clicking on the shutdown on start then it shutdown like normal but after the blue background it turns black and that's the last part where it should turn off but when it turns of it just turns on back again. The only way for me to turn the laptop off is to hold down the power button which is a bit annoying because when it restarts or i turn it on, i get sent to a black screen with words giving options on what to do, to start up windows.

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  • Hi DS15,

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    Disconnect any peripherals connected to the system.Try to release flea power.Disconnect the AC adapter,remove battery,press and hold down power button for 30 seconds.Reconnect the battery and AC adapter,turn the system,once it loads to Windows use the shut down option and shutdown system.

    If the issue persists,boot system to safe mode (Tap F8 on start up) and confirm if system shutdown works normally through safe mode.

    Did you install any new software recently?

    Please post your system model for further help.

    Thank You

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  • How long will the laptop last without the battery in and no i haven't installed new software recently.

  • Hi DS15,

    There is no specific time as such, however it is not recommended to use the laptop directly plugged in for long hours.

    Try installing and running this application Ultimate Windows Tweaker.Its a third party application which should state which programs are not allowing to shut down the system and force those programs to shut down.

    Here is the download link :

    Note: Its a Thirdparty application and not a Dell validated application.Using this application would be your sole discretion.

    Let me know if this application helps to fix the shut down issue.

    Thank You

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  • DS15,


    In a blank area of the desktop, right click, then left click, new shortcut.

    Copy and paste this on the next page...

    %windir%\System32\Shutdown.exe -s -t 01

    Spaces need to be where they are.

    Click next, change the name to Shutdown.

    You now have a desktop shortcut to shutdown windows. Close any applications that usually ask to shutdown, like Outlook and Office.

    Just double click on the shortcut.

    Did the computer shutdown?



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  • Hi, I had the same problem, once I pulled the power adaptor out it shut down nicely.Big Smile

  • Thank you, Rick!

    Years later, your suggestion helped me solve the same problem. My Windows 7 computer hadn't been able to shut down for days, and was in dire need of updating. Of course, the computer needs to restart in order for them to install. I created the shortcut you described, and when I clicked on it, my computer finally shut down. After that, it was even able to restart regularily, and the necessary updates were installed. I'm grateful and glad that the solution wasn't too complicated or time consuming.