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Dell Inspiron M5030 - 7 beeps and black screen - processor failure


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Dell Inspiron M5030 - 7 beeps and black screen - processor failure

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I bought my Dell M5030 in February 2011, meaning that the warranty has expired. All was fine until I started the laptop up a couple of days ago and I got a black screen and 7 beeps, which according to the book means processor failure. I have tried several time to start the computer and the same thing happens each time.

I would appreciate any advice as I have seen on this forums that a number of other people have had the exact same problem with this particular model and therefore sounds like a fault with the processors in these Dell laptops.



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  • • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community,

    According to the status that you have written on the blog this is a failure of the system board.

    System board error

    Following are the only solutions for the problem

    1. Reseat the processor.

    2. Replace the system board.

    3. Replace the processor.



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  • Hi,

    As Jitender says Welcome to the community. Unfortunately the community grows day by day or at least the  "My M5030's no more use than an ashtray on a motorcycle" community grows and grows.

  • too bad dell is run this way

  • Hi, thanks for the responses appreciate it, will try reseating the CPU  but doubt it will be much use though as evidence suggests it's defective. Lol Jimdown, did see that thread last night but for some reason didn't have the option to reply on it  (due to my newbieness?) so tried my luck with posting as it seems to be the only option other than ringing a premium helpline. Have posted now as that seems to be the main thread on the subject. Hopefully the awaited response from the moderator will be fruitful!

    Thanks again

  • how do you  reseat the processor

  • Re seating the processor won't work, it is a defective CPU. It is a known problem and dell will not do anything for you.

  • I had an MS update (2) that required powering down to complete the installation.  I did it as always following the on screen instructions.  When the laptop powered up, I got the blank screen and 7 beeps that all of you have mentioned.  The laptop was a present (less than 2 years ago) from an active duty son to his retired dad.  It has received gentle treatment.  It has been an important link for me in keeping in contact with the VA for meds and such.  I am at a loss and trying to use an old PC with some difficulty.  I took it in (store) and the fellow looked up "7 beeps."  He came back and said its the mother board and it would cost the price of a new one and more to try to retrieve any data.  I find that the Windows 7 laptops are virtually unavailable and Windows 8 is beyond scary.  I guess I am just a frustrated disabled vet.  You can't even get the thing open to look for connections that may just be lose and the store just wants to rip you off.  Dell and the un-named store are no longer on my use or buy from list.

  • I have the same problem, so I replace the processor and did not fix my problem. Do I have to replace the system board?

  • Lamansavin -- I can only tell you that the store told me it would cost more to repair than what the laptop cost.  I took it to a relative and they felt that there were multiple problems (including BIOS chip) and did not think it worth the investment in repairs not knowing if that would do the trick.  When I see sites w/ people having the same complaints, I have to wonder what Dell did.  I just know that I never had a computer go so bad so quickly and totally before.  I will not be on this site any longer.  I wish you well.

  • I bought my Dell M5010  in February 2011 as well.  It is doing the exact same thing as your laptop.  Navigating the Dell website to talk to someone is completely ridiculous.  I've purchased 4 Dell products (2 laptops and 1 desktop + another for my mom) in just a short few years.  I've learned my won't see another Dell product in my home...and with 3 kids headed to college over the next few years, I'll be seeking a product with much better personal service.  A CPU should not be going out in less than 2 years. 

    Prior to the computer going out, it was running pretty hot though I've always used a cooling mat.  Makes me wonder if it burnt itself.  Any way I look at it, it is clearly a defective product.  No Dell recommendations here.

  • Hi

    I bought mine June of 2011. Same thing happened to my Laptop. I need the Files on it or screw it. I have Dell's at my office (desktops) that have run for 8 years without a problem. Me thinks Dell has problem and is hiding it!

  • Same with me. My m5030 is almost 2years old. I am very disappointed. Tell me atleast list with the supported cpus to try to raplace it. My serice tag is******

  • The odds of the processor being the problem are very, very, very low.  The mainboard is almost certainly the problem - not the CPU.

  • I found 2-3 athlon II mobile dual core 320 second hand ~20$. I think better to try to buy one if is suported and test it before spending a lot of money for new NON dell branded notebook.

  • I just read this topic ->

    so I see ... no point to buy new cpu. Thanks for the replay.