Cursor Jumps All Over the place while typing.


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Cursor Jumps All Over the place while typing.

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I have had the same problem for  the last 3.5 years on my Dell  Studio 15. My cursor jumps into different words while I'm typing. I have to relocate my curso. I had my laptop one week when it  first started...Dell Support said i had to pay 150$ to have it fixed. That it was a software issue and software is NOT covered under warranty. It's 3 .5 years later and it's still not fixed. Very Frustrating. I even went to Contol pannel and checked *Hide Cursor while typing* That didn't work either...

                                                                         HELP PLEASE.... DELL SUPPORT TEAM

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  • Hi kariberry97,

    Welcome to the Dell Community.

    I would request you to follow the steps mentioned below:

    Step 1: Update the touchpad driver and the system BIOS. The Links are as follows:

    Kindly choose the system model and Operating System and download the latest Touchpad driver and BIOS on your system.

    Kindly reboot the system after updating the above drivers and check for the normal system functionality.

    Step 2: Kindly change the touchpad sensitivity according to your requirement. The steps are:

    Kindly change the touchpad sensitivity according to your requirement. The steps are:

    1.      Turn on the computer and log into Windows as normal. Open the "Start" menu and click on the option labeled "Control Panel."

    2.      Double-click on the icon labeled "Mouse.". The "Mouse Properties" window will open and it will have a touchpad option. Open the touchpad option and navigate to the tab labeled "Device Settings." Click on the button labeled “Settings." A window labeled "Properties" will appear.

    3.      Examine the left panel of the "Properties" window and expand the option labeled "Sensitivity." Click on the option labeled "Touch Sensitivity."

    4.      Reduce the touch sensitivity setting by moving the slider to the right, towards the "Heavy Touch" label. Experiment with different levels of sensitivity until you find one suited to your needs.

    5.      Click on the button labeled "OK" to close the "Properties" window; repeat with the "Mouse" control panel. Your new touchpad sensitivity settings are now saved.

    6.     Kindly reboot the system and check if the mouse works fine.

    Glad to Help.



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  • Hi  Robert-Zurich,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Sorry about your experience.I would like to see if I can help you.

    About the electric charge sensation,could you confirm if you feel that only when AC adapter is connected to the system or does it happen even while using system with battery only?

    Please private message me your system service tag number.To private message click on my user name,click start conversation.

    I will check your system details  and get back to you.

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  • I have carried out some tests that may help out people with a similar problem pin-point their problem.

    The power socket I moved from being plugged into an extension cable to directly in the wall. This seemed to help a lot, but I still get the problem now and again. I unplugged the power and ran from the battery for 2 hours. The problem seemed to go away except once or twice during this time.

    So it does imply that this laptop design is sensitive to electrical charge

    Then, I found this link regarding issues with laptops and touchpads

    "If the computer is powered by an external power supply unit (PSU), the PSU will influence the virtual ground effect, with the influence depending on the circuitry of the PSU.Laptop manufacturers account for this in the design of their PSUs, meaning that the use of generic PSUs can cause touchpads to malfunction and pointer movement to become erratic. This misbehaviour can be rectified by restoring proper grounding, either by touching a metallic part of the computer with the other hand, touching the (insulated) power supply with some part of the body, or using the computer on the lap instead of on a desk."

    So it would be interested to hear from other suffers if they can find a way to ensure their laptops are earthed if this reduces the issue. Also to work on battery only.

    FYI - My touchpad has been disabled all the time during the above tests.

    I will enable the touchpad and see if the problem gets worse. Then report back.

  • Look at my comments below in pin-pointing the issue. It may not be a software issue but a hardware design issue due to build-up of electrical charge due to poor grounding. Probably the dell laptop (and I have seen complaints other manufactures laptops) seem to suggest there are issues with the design and/or the way the touchpads are implemented into the respective manufactures laptops.

    FYI - a video below of how to use the cypress touchpad

  • If you have a Dell computer and have/had a jumping cursor Issues. We should sue Dell. I was charged 150$ not even a week after I had my Studio 1537 laptop 3 years ago. Dell told me Software Wasn't covered under warranty. What the heck?? I had just got it and had problems with it right out of the box. Dell Never fixed the jumping cursor problem. I want my money back! For a problem that was Never fixed and Dell knew there was a problem with the Studio!
  • Hi, I had my original message removed because I used a word they did not like. So no-one can read it now. I have worked will Dell computers over the past 20 years and I see where the problem is - costs are cut through outsourcing and offshoring to make Dell machines competitive. But there is a price to pay for this….

    Dell Switzerland used to be excellent. Spoke English, German, French, Italian without a problem (our languages), but it is offshored to East Europe where they seem not be able to speak any language properly and also seem to be more sales cowboys. Its a great shame. Also I have 3 bad experiences with their laptops (all made now in China , before it was in Ireland, UK), and the issues were bent frame, screen coming away from casing, hinges creaking. Clearly a problem with the Quality Control. The problem now is more a design issue. I have so fed-up with this issue I think I know the problem and I think it is resolved (sort of ) for me. I think the problem is in the power supply, grounding area. I just changed to another dell power supply (I have lots from work), and the problem seems to go away. So I think for you - first disable the cypress touchpad and use an external mouse. Then work off the battery only. See if the problem goes away. Note: I find the problem with the power supply connected gets worse from 50 mins onwards - could be a build-up of static if the earthing is not properly earthed either in the laptop or the wiring in the house. Normally it would not matter, but I think there is an design issue or build issue. Note: the new power connector I am using is only 2 pin (international) so it is not using Earth. The problem does not happen anymore. It may be that earth leakage is causing a build-up using a 3 pin power connector. If you have no problem on the battery then enable the cypress touchpad driver (via control panel) and see if you get a problem (I have not tried this at the moment but will do it later). If you still are OK ie no problems then work of the power and see if there is an issue.

    One other point - I upgraded to the latest version of BIOS - files on dell site today, but I somehow doubt if this has improved anything as I can still notice the changes between where the power supply is plugged in ie an extension cable or direct in the wall and also if I use a 3 pin power plug or a international 2 pin power plug...

    Of course - what I describe could have absolutely nothing to do with the problem, but I gut feeling (based on years of experience) suggests there is.

    Let me know what you find. We all need to know if there is a design issue because if we don't there will be alot of frustrated people and Dell will lose customers.

  • Hi kariberry97,

    If you've any unresolved issue on your system please private message me your system service tag number.To private message click on my user name and click start conversation.

    Thank You

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  • I have a d630 [laptop] ....Worked great till I defragged and 'compressed' 2 days cursor jumps backwards...

    happened 2x as i

  • Sucks doesn't it!! :(

  • will BIOS update help

  • I have had the same problem with this damn thing of mine and this suggestion didn't work for me. I think dell  logged into mine one time and took care of this problem, but after a reinstall I have had it back for some time now.  Cursor all over the screen.. 

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  • The touchpad on my new dell xps13 does the same thing, no matter how I set the sensitivity or reinstall the latest driver.  I've pretty much given up on resolving this frustrating problem as it makes my natural typing style unusable.  I spent a lot of money and in all areas, the laptop rocks except for this POS trackpad.

  • I agree as I have one too, but these dickheads at dell don't seem to care...
  • I know *how* to use the trackpad, the problem is when I'm using they keyboard the trackpad is much too sensitive to light inadvertent touches.  Palm rejection settings do not help unless I press the outside/bottom of my hands against the bottom of the laptop face - and press fairly hard.  It is not a natural position for me while typing.  It is a great laptop except for this glaring problem.  My only solution thus far is to use an external mouse and disable the trackpad.

    Not sure about poor grounding.  Maybe I should try wearing an anti-static strap.  :)

  • I didn't seem to help me.