dell 15R m501r has 7 beep error code on startup


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dell 15R m501r has 7 beep error code on startup

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I know that this code is indicating a processor failure. I am able to get the system to boot by repeatedly cycling power. Once the system boots everything functions normally. This problem started occuring inn the last few days. I am frustrated. I really like this laptop but I am resigned to buying a replacement a I know thi problem is not going to disappear. This laptop is only a little over a year old.  I am hesitant to purchase another Dell as this would be my third laptop in 3 years,,,,,,

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  • Hi Dennis,

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    It sounds very unfortunate to read about the concern with your laptop. As you have the correct information that the 7 beep code on startup indicates the processor failure. It is really unfortunate that happened when the hardware warranty on the system ran out.  In this situation only thing which can be suggested will be that either you can get the processor replaced from the dell facilities and once the system gets back functional make sure that you purchase the Hardware warranties on it.

    And, in case you find appropriate to get a new system rather than getting this system repaired then also would suggest getting the extended warranties on the hardware at the time when you purchase the system. Warranties will always make sure the best and certified support and replacement parts of the system without any charges. I am sure once the system is within the hardware warranties you will be not be disappointed with the services.

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  • Jaswinder S:

    I too have a Dell Inspiron 15R.  I've only had it for a yr & 1/2..  I used it last night and when I got up this morning, I went to turn it on and all I got was the 7 beeps.  I've been using my daughter's HP laptop to search for answers on the internet as to what is wrong with my laptop.  Her laptop - by the way - is an HP that is 7 yrs old.  After reading all of the things I've have this morning on the problems such as I'm having with the Dell 15R, I find it absolutely pathetic that this issue is happening on your laptops that aren't that old.  I had the extended warranty and opted not to renew it.  The cost of the renewal was absurd.  Reading your response to Dennis leads me to believe that these laptops are built to fail and Dell has done it to get more revenues from the warranties.  I will not EVER buy another Dell.  These computers are lemons.



  • If you think the HP systems sold in 2012 are anywhere near what they were 7-10 years ago, look around.

    The low price on low-end systems these days comes at a cost in terms of reliability and durability - from all manufacturers.

  • I have no plans to buy another laptop.  I do have to mention though, that my son-in-law purchased an HP laptop just a month after I bought my Dell.  He's had no issues with it at all.

  • Sorry to hear that you have the same problem.....7 beep death......I am still using the computer ,but I have to spend 15 minutes cycling power until it finally starts...I am now buying a Samsung RV5101 laptop from NEWEGG. I do not want another DELL laptop. I worked for HP for 25 years and I do not like their laptops either....

  • How do you cycle power?  I thought I had researched the Dell pretty well before I invested in it, but I'm now reading things that weren't on the internet when I was researching.  I'm actually considering just going with a Kindle Fire.

  • You are correct about the poor quality from all the laptop mfrs. I guess the bet we can hope for is good support when the laptop finally dies.....I was concerned about my laptop Dell 15R when I bought it because it generates so much heat & you have to disassemble the laptop to get at the hard drive. I should have known this thing would not last.

  • It really does generate a lot of heat.  I purchased a laptop tray/holder with a fan.  It didn't really help much.

  • I cycle the power by repeatedly turning the laptop on and off until it finally starts the power up selftest and boot. Sometimes it starts the selftest and hangs. But if I keep trying I can get the laptop to boot. It is a royal pain. I have had no issues with thi laptop until the 7 beep death... It is a shame because it has great features and I hate to throw it out, but the cost to repair is going to be too high....It's eithe the processor or motherboard.

  • Do you know what the cost is?  From everything I've read this morning, it's the processor.  Are you saying it could also be the motherboard?

  • I found this site online.  Don't know if it's something you can use, but I'm going to definitely check it out.

  • Regarding your warranty upgrades....I find the pricing to be way too high.....I wish I wasn't so cynical but I worked for HP for 25 years and I know how companies make money. They cut out the quality and sell prohibitive warranty or maintenance plans.

  • I'm finding all of this out the hardware.  

  • FYI - I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to find out about the cost to fix my computer.  Then today (after discovering it will cost as much to fix it as I paid for it), I spent almost all day using the online chat and calling every phone number that Dell passed me off to.  Almost each person I spoke to agreed that the processor shouldn't have died after 18 months, but they are unwilling to do anything about it.  So - I am writing to the BBB and everyone else I can.  The way I see it - Dell took my money and sold me a lemon.  Given how many others I've found online that are going through the same thing, I consider it theft.  Obviously that have defective units that they are unwilling to do anything about.

  • Sorry to hear of the big hassle with getting any satisfaction. I am still using my Dell 15r despite to 7 beep code. s I have purchased 2 Still cycling power until I get it to boot; once it runs I use Sleep Mode when not in use. I will be receiving a new Samsung laptop in a few days as I can't expect this temporary fix to last long-besides it's irritating .....Over the years I have purchased 2 Dell desktps & 2 laptops-time to let another manufacturer to get my money.