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Inspiron 15R N5110 white screen


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Inspiron 15R N5110 white screen

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As I was using my laptop, the colour on the screen became extremely white - could see some image but very unclear. The laptop was completely still while this happened. Eventually it became worse and even more white than before. Occasionally it shows a clearer image but this does not seem to happen any more. 

Tried browsing the forums for others with a similar problem.

Posted by  replied on 12 Jun 2012 4:14 PM

"From your description of the issue, it seems that the issue is being caused due to a faulty LCD or LCD cable. If possible, try connecting an external monitor to the system and see if you face the same issue on external display as well. If external monitor does not show a white screen, then the issue is definitely due to the LCD. You may also try running the LCD diagnostics. "

Action taken and result: I connected this to my TV via HDMI and the image is crystal clear so it should not be a problem with the graphics card. Running the LCD diagnostics does not yield any productive result as I am not able to see the contents of the screen as it is totally white.

Posted by  replied on 12 Jun 2012 4:17 PM

"Welcome to the Dell community forum, we really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.  The problem seems to be with the display cable so reseating the display cable should fix the problem.

So please find step by step instructions from the below link on how to reseat the display cable."

Action taken and result: I removed the display bezel and the wire does not appear to be misseated or visibly broken. I also removed the keyboard and hand rest panel and checked the connectors - to the graphics card and to the back of the screen. All connections appear to be secure.

I conclude that it is a faulty display cable.

My laptop is still under warranty and I am very pleased with the performance of my (first) Dell laptop so far. I hope the support service will be just as impressive. Will I be able to get on-site support? What other course of action is available to me?

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  • Hi MarcusChan,

    Thank you for your replies on Dell Community forum. Well, the issue requires a hardware replacement. I would need to check the system details. In order to do so you can add me as a friend and provide the service tag number of the computer via a private message. After checking the service contracts, I will let you know the next course of action.

    Let me know in case there are any other concerns. Glad to be of assistance.


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  • Dell Inspiron 15R N5110 Notebook is my hardware, purchased in a Sharjah Mall on 21st June 2012. Dell says my Warranty starts in March '12.and not from June21st. Yet I was able to avail the Microsoft Windows8 Upgrade Offer which is available only to customers who purchased a Windows7 PC in June'12 or after that. I was able to successfully register for Windows8 Upgrade Offer after my system and Key was scanned by Microsoft. I do not know why Dell is being unfair to me though I mailed all the purchase receipts to them. Now I'm using the laptop as an student in India. I am not being assisted in the Warranty services which I need urgently as my warranty is not transferred to India yet nor I know of a link which helps in doing so.

    Immediate issue is I am getting a white screen on pressing my Power button.. Using Windows8 RPx64 and Windows7x64 in dual boot. Windows8 is default OS. Getting white screen on both OSs. Without warranty in India I do not know what to do, can't afford any major hardware changes like a new screen or motherboard or graphic card as most searches suggested.  Can someone please help me get the issue cheaply resolved or help me get warranty in India?