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Studio 1555 Won't start at all


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Studio 1555 Won't start at all

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I've been having troubles with my Dell Studio 1555 laptop, which I've had for nearly 3 years with absolutely no problems before this.

The other day, I shut down my laptop as usual, only to find that the next time I tried to turn it on, it is completely unresponsive apart from a momentary white flash when I press the power button. This flash repeats every second or so if I hold the button in, no beeps though.

It has turned on once or twice since the problem started (about 4 days ago) with no abnormal messages, functions etc. It runs perfectly normally when it feels like it, apparently! I just can't understand what is wrong with it, as when it does work it works fine, but when it doesn't work, there's literally nothing I can do.

I have tried unplugging the power cord, taking out the battery, holding the power button for 20 odd seconds, putting the power cord back in and then the battery. That worked once, but that method hasn't worked since, despite a number of variations!

If anyone has any idea what could be going on here, please let me know!

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  • I forgot to mention, the screen is completely black, apart from the occasional white flash when I press the power button. It doesn't even show the Dell logo, windows logo etc. at all, it doesn't do anything!

  • Hi georgiag5,

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    It seems to be an issue with the LCD/motherboard. You can try to run the diagnostics on the system/LCD. You can use this link to run the diagnostics:

    If you are not able to open the link, here are the steps:

    Turn off the Computer.

    1. Hold Down the FN Key on the keyboard and press the power button, then Release both buttons.

    2. This should start your PSA Diagnostics

    3. You will see two color bar screens appear in succession, on the second color bar screen there is a message asking you if you saw the color bars. Press the N key for No to start the LCD BIST.

    (If nothing is displayed then listen to the beep codes; and wait for some time for the LCD BIST to start automatically)

    4. The LCD BIST will run several full colored screens in succession with a beeping sound.

    5. Check for any lines, distortions, or abnormalities you were seeing in the Operating System here.

    6. Once the Diagnostics are finished you will see an Error message appear, this is Normal. Press the N Key to end the Diagnostics or Press the Y Key to continue the PSA Diagnostics.

    7. If no symptoms were displayed probably the video card/Motherboard else the LCD.

    Note: LCD BIST, as the name suggests helps to identify the problems with the LCD screen only.

    This link has a very good video tutorial for your reference. Also, please check if the external monitor displays the image fine. You can connect any external monitor to the system.

    Please let me know your findings. Glad to be of assistance.

    Ravi Mohindroo

    Social Outreach Professional

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  • My Studio 1555 went to black screen and now on't start at all.

    I've done the anti static thing where you disconnect the power and battery, hold in the On button for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power.....nothing.

    The battery is showing a full charge even though it has been advising me to replace for ages. The adapter lights up blue at the end when plugged in, but instantly loses colour when I plug it into the laptop. If I connect the adapter cable to the laptop and then switch the mains on at the wall, there is a blue flicker at he jack light and then nothing, laptop won't start.

    The Fn and Power On does nothing, laptop still dead.

    Any advise anybody? Why is the power of the battery or the adapter not being recognised by the computer?Thanks.

  • The first thing to try is a replacement of the DC power jack board:


    If that doesn't get the system going, the mainboard needs to be replaced.

  • Have I lost my data and OS when it went to black screen dead?