dell inspiron m5030 wont boot, 7 post beeps continuously


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dell inspiron m5030 wont boot, 7 post beeps continuously

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dell inspiron m5030 wont boot, 7 post beeps continuously, no screen, doesn't respond. I tried to boot up in safe mode, but it did not work.
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  • Yeah sure its only a temporary fix, the same problem comes back within a few days on my m5030-we should really lobby Dell for new laptops as any other manufacturer would do.  Comes down to bad soldering on northside video chips next to the processor-all m5030's will go down with the same problem eventually so come on Dell, what are you going to do abouty it?

  • Is this a legal issue you are investigating?  My m5030 has just gone down with the same problem.  Dell should admit their manufacturing error and replace these laptops with functional models-not asking for new but just SOMETHING WE CAN DO OUR WORK ON, DELL!

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  • Hi  Flashfireman,

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    The seven beeps on Inspiron M 5030 could mean the processor issue, in this case I will suggest to take out the AC adapter and the battery , then hold down the power button of the computer for 15-20 seconds. Then plug in the AC adapter and battery and try to power up the computer.

    Please let me know of the findings, Glad to be of assistance.


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    Social Outreach Professional

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  • Hi... I also am having the same issue with my m5030 , It wont start also beeps 7 times screen ..(black)....I've reseated  the processor  and it still does the same issue , I replaced the the processor with a new one of the same specs and size and it still doing the same 7 beeps ....?   I removed the battery and held down the  power button for 30 seconds and again still not working ........what should I do .....



  • Hi,

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    after performing all these steps if the issue is still not resolved then motherboard and processor on the laptop both needs to be replaced.

    Please let me know of the findings, Glad to be of assistance.

    Amit Garg

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  • Hi Flash and Santo welcome to the Defective 5030 Club. Unfortunately you have just joined a very long line of Dell customers with the same problem. For info see thread

    If your Dell is still in Warranty Do not accept any repair by Dell as complete until you laptop has functioned correctly for more than at least 2 weeks. I got 3 mobos a new charger and battery and a home visit from an engineer and my lappy is now a handy doorstop.

    Good Luck.

  • Beep Codes   Code                         Description         

    1      System Board, covers BIOS corruption or ROM error         

    2      (*)No Memory / RAM detected         

    3      System Board Chipset Failure         

    4      Memory failure         

    5      CMOS battery failure         

    6      Video card / chip failure    

    7      CPU Failure

    8      LCD failure

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    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • Having the same problem. Replaced the CPU and still nothing. Tried holding the power button down for 30 seconds, still nothing.

  • Hello, I just tried your advice, but but when I restart the PC same thing. Nothing appear on screen, just 7 loud beeps! Should I change my processor?

  • I was having the same issue with mine for a month, tried contacting Dell, nothing. For anyone still having this problem or for anyone who has just started having this problem, here's what I did. I tried an old Xbox 360 trick, I wrapped the laptop in a comforter, making sure to cover any air inlets on the laptop. I pressed power and let it run in the blanket for ten minutes. After that I let it cool, and did it again for fifteen minutes. I let it cool completely, then tried booting it up and it worked! Mine runs without any hiccups now. Also when I did the blanket, I disconnected the laptop's speakers so it wouldn't drive me insane.

    Just figured I would put this up here for anybody getting the cold shoulder from D, your mileage may vary but it worked great for me!

  • I am the umpteenth person to come across this 7 beep problem, my warranty expired less than a month ago, and reading all these posts is infuriating me!  I have tons of work on this laptop and am thoroughly perplexed as to how a laptop that I bought brand new 1 year and 20 days ago could suddenly go bad.  

    Has anybody gotten any help from Dell? This laptop was working fine until 2 days ago - I tried to wake it from hibernation and bam the beeps started.  

    Considering the myriad of posts regarding this specific problem, I see no point in having to spend money to get this thing repaired as the problem seems more like an epidemic specific to Dell and it's M5030.  If none of the many users posting about this issue have made any progress with Dell or have had any luck with remedying the situation, and the only option is to pay Dell to repair their faulty product - then I'd much rather just buy a new laptop - and not a Dell.

  • hello all, what to do in the case of the 7 beeps, is to make a video chip reballing as by temperature solders deform and no longer make contact,
     after that, the pc works perfectly. to prevent this from happening again, we must not use the pc on the bed, not block air vents and if possible, 
    use a cooler frequently.


    Carlos (Chile)

    sorry for the bad English. -
  • In response to nathanh711, if the old cook your xbox from the inside trick worked. here is what you need to do:

    1. buy a heat gun

    2. take the laptop apart and remove the mother board

    3. take off the cpu and any plastic or tape

    4. place the motherboard on a heat resistant surface

    5. place tin foil over all the transistors and capacitors

    6. with the heat gun on low speed heat the motherboard up in a swaying left to right motion (DONT HOLD IT IN ONE SPOT). After about 2 minutes turn it on high and focus around the cpu and gpu for another 2 minutes (still swaying). after this is done allow the motherboard to return to room temperature (30 minutes).

    7. reassemble the laptop. when you remove a cpu/gpu always remove the old paste and put on new paste like artic silver 5.


    This should work i have done this procedure many times on xbox's, HP laptops, and dell.


  • My husband's laptop just started the same issues today.  I feel that if the the soldering (sp?)  is the problem due to overheating then it should be a manufaturing issue.  If Dell is monitoring this site then they should count how many have this issue and do a recall and fix the issue for free.   I guess I'll be taking the computer apart and checking out soldering and connections.

  • Just an update on my M5030: Couldn't call Dell, so I ended up emailing the Better Business Bureau, and within 24 hours Dell called me and said they would make a "one time exception". They paid for me to ship my laptop to the repair facility, and they replaced my motherboard (for free) and had it back to me within a week. Once I got it back, I got curious and took a peek at the new board, and it looks a little different, looks a lot more sturdy around the CPU socket. I've been running her through her paces for around a month now, so far so good! Just thought I would share this to see if it helps anyone else out there with a Dell-branded paperweight.

  • lxelement115xl I used your procedure and the 7 beeps  are resolved to 5 beeps which by the manual is  a CMOS Battery failure, I did not have time last night to reset the battery, but any ways your steps work like a charm I have read a lot about  

    reballing, at the end this is the same with out using an expensive soldering tool. thanks for making it very easy

  • I just got off the phone with Dell Technicial Support.  My husbands laptop is doing the same thing with the 7 beeps and his is out of warranty.  I decided after reading so many comments on this forum site about individuals have the same issue I called Dell.  I argued the point that some individuals were getting their motherboards replaced for free (even mentioned on person calling his Better Business Bureau) and told him to go talk to whoever he had to to make this happen.  I also stated that with so many having this problem it had to be a known issue with Dell - not that I expected them to admit it.

    The tech came back on the phone and Dell has agreed to replace the motherboard for free.  They too my information and will be contacting me soon with the arrangements. One note:  make sure to get the official "request number" before hanging up with them.

    Good luck to you all.