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inspiron 1525 will not boot after factory restore


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inspiron 1525 will not boot after factory restore

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  Tried to restore my dell inspiron 1525 laptop to the factory settings. Clicked on dell factory restore, it reformatted the hard drive, restored, then said it was complete. After restart it loads dell splash screen, then constantly reboots, Any ideas ?

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  • Hi eznuckles,

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    Please start by running a diagnostics on the harddrive by pressign F12 just & when you the Dell Logo when the system is powered on .

    Should there be an error with the hard drive you should either get either of  the following errors  : 0141 , 0142 , 0146 . If the test has passed which should ideally take less or grather than 10 minutes , the system will let you know the test has passed . In this case please use the Operating system cd shipped along with the system & reinstall the Operating system

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  • Original hard drive did have errors, this was a replacement. I backed up the partitions using acronis true image, and transferred them to new drive, but it would not boot on it's own. Got it to boot using hiren's boot cd, but never on it's own. Tried repairing the mbr, still no success. Finally just did a clean install of vista, so far so good.

  • The 1525 came with the separately bootable media direct partition which was probably the cause of your woes.

  • Hi,

    There could be possibilities of recovery partition might be corrupted or even if you have errors in the HD like bad sectors usually it will come up with 0146 error while running PSA diagnostics like FN+power button. Sometimes it will passes without any failure or error.

  • Hello eznuckles,

    Glad to know that you have the operating system re-installed & it's working now . In the near future anytime when you know the system is running slow , run the diags & should there be an errors on the HDD , we can get the HDD replaced under warranty . Let us know if you need any more help .

    Note : Regularly run a virus scan the backup of the images whenever possible so the backup always remains clean to be resotored .  


    Pavan P

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  • Trying to fix my granddaughters  lap top  dell inspiron     she has no disks.  it keeps rebooting with start up repair and doesnt fix it?

    tried system restore and it keeps going and going and doesnt restore i t to earlier time  her last point is over 6 months old?

    tried dell safe restore and i everything twice and it still wont factory restore  takes forever and  nothing is restored? dont know alot about dells but

    my hp can be restored to factory setting with a few clicks? any suggestions to a novice like me??  thanks

  • tried to boot to a usb drive by changing the settings but it wont boot to run a virus check with spy bot either??

  • Mr Bill69,


    You can try Restoring Your Computer´s Software to the Factory Settings it may or may not work.


    I suggest running the full diagnostics and report back any error messages. How to Run the Dell™ Diagnostics Utility


    If you live in the United States, Request Backup Disks USA if in another Country, Contact Dell Tech Support in your Country.





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