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Inspiron 1525 Network Controller driver


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Inspiron 1525 Network Controller driver

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My wireless is not working yet. I'm assuming its because Network Controller is not installed yet.

Anyone know how to install the Network Contoller driver for Inspiron 1525?

1) new hard drive installed

2) installed OS from Factory CD

3) I have followed the proper sequence for driver installation

4) I tried drivers using my Service Tag and not using service tag (it installed Ethernet but not the Network Controller)

5) i don't see any manufacturer info or model information  in the  sysinfo or Control Panel properties

Only way to possibly identify the wireless card is from the card itself and that isn't mush help either:

MO: 42015902-04 Rev A03 DW1395

Any suggestions?  

Verified Answer

    I installed these drivers and in this order:

    Dell Reinstallation DVD, Windows Vista Home Basic 32BIT SP1

    Windows Vista 32BIT SP2

    R259999 Dell System Software (DSS)

    R166188.EXE Ricoh chipset

    R166187.exe Intel chipset

    R218148.exe Audio

    R180254.EXE Video

    R174292.exe Vista wireless driver (network controller)

    R167854.EXE Ethernet controller

    R286709.exe Touchpad

    R180762.exe Quickset

    R150152.exe Modem

    R147130.EXE Modem Diagnostics

    Just need the applications and security.

    Thanks for being there!

    Most Grateful to natakuc4! your list of drivers and discovering the name of the WIFI card and subsequently finding the Vista driver for it.

    Im not sure why I had all the trouble, But I think installing SP2  or installing the Wireless driver before the Ethernet driver had fixed it.

  • Nataku4, I have been looking and searching for this driver for few days. Really thanks to you for your post. Awsome....... The driver was for a Dell Inspiron 1525 "Network Controller". 

    I recomend this driver. 

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