Laptop Unable to SHUT DOWN!!


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Laptop Unable to SHUT DOWN!!

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Model : DELL Vostro V131
Here is my problem 

When i press shut down, the laptop will shut down as usual but at the end the processor and the lid is still on.. I tried shut down in safe mode but it get stuck at the shut down screen.


When i put my laptop into sleep mode, no matter i press what button, it still wont awake..

May i know any solution to resolve this?

I cant send back to DELL Malaysia because currently i m in UK..

Any help and guidance r highly appreciated.. Thank you..

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  • Hi Edmundyjh,

    Welcome to the Community,

    I suggest you to update the BIOS for your system model,which was just released on 4/5/2012 .

    Use the link below to update BIOS:

    Also check the settings under Power options in Control panel.

    Thank You

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  • DELL-Roshan L

    I suggest you to update the BIOS for your system model,which was just released on 4/5/2012 .

    Use the link below to update BIOS:

    Very bad suggestion. - If the machine is not powering down properly or restarting. A BIOs update can be very dangerous.

    Do you have many startup programs running? Have you installed many programs? Have you removed any? Have you experienced this problem for a while? What security software are you running? Are you running any optimisation registry cleaning programs (I recommend none apart from ccleaner)?

    I would advise running ccleaner both the cleaner and the registry cleaner. This may remove some software problems preventing it from shutting down. 

    Philip Yip


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  • already update to the latest bios... not working...

    already clean everything with ccleaner, not working as well...

  • Event viewer is your friend here.

    Right-click 'computer' go to 'manage'. Event Viewer, Windows Logs, system. Look for errors there relating to servces not responding within the timeout period or such.

    A little lower, 'Applications and services logs', Microsoft, Windows, Diagnostics - Performance, Operational. Double-click on the top one and use the arrow-down to go through. Look for anything that may have caused a delay during shutdown, or is preventing the machine from shutting down.

    Anything there to point towards a solution?

    Or do you mean Windows shuts down, but the machine *ITSELF* doesn't turn off? Now that's an issue I haven't seen since Windows XP days. Is this something that just started, I take it?

    There's a variant of the TDSS trojan that can interfere with basic system functions, but I'll wait for response to suggestions above before delving into crapware.

  • error

    Windows has started up: 
    Boot Duration : 90868ms
    IsDegradation : false
    Incident Time (UTC) : ‎2012‎-‎05‎-‎31T07:59:39.624800300Z
    how to i solve this?

  • Do this: right-click 'operational' and 'save all events as...' Name it something, and then upload it to Post the download link here. I'll take a look at your log. You can do the same for System, if you'd like.

  • ...but it'll have to wait for morning, as I'm about to pass out. Goodnight.


  • OK, going over your log, let's see...

    Connectify has caused a few issues during startup *AND* shutdown, and has also prevented the machine from entering standby (sleep). Something plugged into a USB port is also preventing standby from working properly (possibly just the driver for the USB itself. Using Internet Explorer, go to:  and update whatever it tells you to, which will likely be chipset, video, and wireless).

    Skype has stunted your shutdown a few times, too. Generally, with that, I recommend it as a use-when-you-need-it thing and stop it from running on startup. Connectify -- I assume you're using a phone connection or similar and are using this software to share the connection? Stop it from running on startup and just run it when you need it. It has a few entries that are causing a degredation in your startup, at least.

    I see you're also using AVG. I've encountered numerous issues with that AV software and startup/shutdown processes. Try uninstalling it and see if that improves the situation, too. It's free, after all, so you can just reinstall it.

    Most of the issues are relating to startup degradation. You didn't answer my other question from before: Do you mean Windows shuts down, but the computer physically stays running? If so, that may be an ACPI setting in your BIOS. Go through the BIOS setting by setting and make a note of the settings that are there now throughout the whole thing. Look for something similar to 'load default values' (it's not always named the same). Hit that. Restart. Windows might find new hardware, or it might not even boot (which is why you made a note of the previous settings, right? Right! So you can put them back). This is *IF* you mean the machine isn't physically shutting off, of course.

  • Having just rebooted to peek at my own BIOS, if yours is as spartan as mine is, you won't have any (many) power options. Maybe 'disable USB wake support', which would prevent the machine from going to standby.

    In Device Manager, under 'computer', what does it say? The wrong computer *type* listed here can prevent certain power functions from working.

  • erm, i would say it had shut down because the screen is black out but just that the lid on the keyboard (wifi sign, power sign, etc) was still on.. i have to press and hold the on/off button until everything goes black.

  • I´ve got exactly the same problem with my Dell V131, did not find any solution so far. Dell recommended to reinstall the operating system. My computer expert tried quite hard to get a clue from BIOS or Driver issues  - so far without success. Since it is exactly the same model, a hardware issue could well be a possibility. I will keep you updated. 

  • any update? any possible solution to solve the problem?

  • Press the [windows] and [r] key and type msconfig and press enter.


    This will open the system configuration window. Select Diagnostics Startup and apply. 

    Power down your machine, if it does not power down, hold down the power button. Wait 10 seconds and then power it back up. Wait say 10 minutes and then attempt to shut it down or restart.

    Post back and let me know if that works.

    Philip Yip


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  • this is how my laptop looks like when shut down..

    @natakuc4 : it doesnt work...