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lap top will only work in safe mode.


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lap top will only work in safe mode.

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I'm having major problems will my dell celeron lap top, its windows vista home basic.I had to get the hard drive replaced last year and bought new memory but up to the last 2 months it has been working fine.

This week windows keep loading but won't open up, it works on safe mode, twice I restored to a previous time and it would restart and reopen but it appears you can only use a previous date once.

i'm now at restore point day of today and I fear it won't open as it should again. I've done virus checks nothing shows up, i've optimised the disk drive using the mechanic tool i purchased off dell and i'll done disk check but nothing seems to be working. 

Can anyone help me.



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  • Hi

    Welcome to Dell Community

    You can try this step as it could be possibility that one or more installed application may block the window to load up in normal mode. You can try the following steps

    1. Go on run and type msconfig and hit enter

    2. Then choose the startup option in tab and disable all application and restart the computer, if it boot normally then there is one or more application may be blocking to go on the normal mode.

    3. Then if it works you need to check one by one which possible application is blocking the way. and you need to uninstall the particular application from the system

    Hope it will resolve your issue

    Rajesh Kumar

    Certified Dell Community Professional

  • Press F12 at powerup and run an extended -- not just a quick - hard drive diagnostic.

  • Hi Rajesh,

    I ran a hard drive test and this error showed up 
    Error Code: 2000-0333 : The video card may be faulty,i was away from my pc when running the test, it started to beep and when i came back this error showed up, i then hit R for retry and up came a number of different colours on the screen not sure if its the video test.

    the test showed up no other hard ware issues, i then tried your tip but didn't work.



  • What model system do you have, and which video chip or card?

  • Hi ejn63

    it's an Intel(R) Celeron (R) CPU 32 bit operating system windows vista home basic.

    The video is Intel Integrated GMA 4500MHD

    thanks for your help appreciated

  • The 2000-0333 indicates that you failed to respond to the video pattern test. I would rerun the test and see if you can see the color pattern. If the machine is only starting in safe mode there could be an application/service that is running that will not allow the machine to boot into Windows, a corrupted driver, or a failed video card. I would try to swap with a known good hard drive from a similar laptop if possible. If not, you could back up your data, and reinstall Windows. If the machine will not boot into Windows after the reinstall and still get into safe mode, you definitely have a hardware issue.

  • Hi All,

    I think i've got it working again here's what I done for reference

    1 I used the IOlo system mechanic and checked hard drive for errors

    2 defraged via iolo

    3 optimised the disk drive

    4 done memory test

    5 disk check

    hopefully it'll start normally now.

    thanks all for assistance

  • Helllo

    I had the same problem as the user who posted this and have used steps 1 and 2 and my computer is working normally now, although now I want to try step 3, so how do i check one by one which application is blocking the way


    dell inspiron user