Dell xps 15 L502x Charger problem.


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Dell xps 15 L502x Charger problem.

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i have a dell XPS 15.  Before few day i Started receiving an error message:  Charger is plugged in but not charging.  Anyone have any ideas what this is about?  Thanks in advance.

I have even tried of re installing quickset64 but it didn't make any change in that problem.

I kindly request you all to sort me out of this problem.

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the community

    Have you tried updating BIOS ; if not check this link please ; release date 03/2012 Download file and run, make sure the ac adapter and battery is connected. Computer will automatically restart.

    If no go try these steps;

    - Reseat battery.

    - Try a known good battery or ac adapter.

    - Check if the computer will turn with ac adapter only (Battery Removed)

    Let me know of the results, regards

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  • i tried upgrading the bios, but no changes.

    i tried reseat the batteries and again the error message come up.

    My laptop turns on only with the ac adapter and the batteries being removed.

    here is a screen shot of how it was without battery and my laptop is very slow like running a computer with 512mb ram

    i even can open the browser as i was able to before this problem.

    Do You have any other resolving idea for this or should i buy a new ac adapter , but there are no physical damages to the ac adapter or the battery or the changer pin in the laptop.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I think that ac adapter has no issue. I am thinking there is something wrong with the board or the battery. Try a known good battery (If available).

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  • I have the same problem as you have. Also tried the steps reccomended above. Has anyone else got any suggestions besides buying a new battery?

  • Go into the BIOS setup - f2 at powerup.  Is the AC adapter correctly identified, or is it listed as"unknown".  If it's unknown, the battery won't charge - try a new Dell adapter.  If that doesn't solve the problem, the mainboard needs repair or replacement.

  • does your battery icon in the laptop  blinks?

  • I have the same problem. i don't know what is the problem. the problem not with the charger, may be with the battery or the power on the motherboard....

    sometimes (rare) the battery get charged to 100%  .. may be the problem with the battery board not cell...

    Damn, i don't know how this could happened with a such very expensive Laptop

    this problem caused a system crash due to electricity shut down and the battery wasn't charged

    ILL Never BUY any DELL Product again ... i cant rely on it !!!!!!!!!

  • and after all we cant find reply from DELL !! HUH !!

  • I got the same issue and bought two batteries and still same, I thought to buy new charger but that's goanna be toooooo much for this stupid laptop. its cost very expensive like MAC but that nothing according to MAC and I got a new TOSHIBA with same specifications that my stupid Dell XPS L502X 15 i7 have, with price less than  $375 and it is good more than Dell that never ever recommended by me to any one.

    If Dell respect its customer and it is respectful organization, should be recall this Item from market and replacement with new one or at least refund. In this way it will retain its reputation in a top.


  • Same issue, same problem. Worse, everything felt out 2 weeks after 1-year warranty wore out. YOU DISRESPECT CUSTOMERS AND YOU DISRESPECT YOURSELF DELL.

  • I've been playing with same problem, tried 2 things; got new adapter (not fixed) and got new DC port (not fixed).  So it certainly seems to be in the main board  and guess what its a few months out of warranty.  Seems to be common problem anyone ever tried anything else and get this resolved?  Wish i didn't have to rebuild a laptop that was suppose to be of premium quality.

  • Same issue on my XPS L702X!! FRUSTRATING. If I play with the adapter enough sometimes it will charge. But at this point I have a very expensive desktop computer, not a laptop. And yes, it is out of warranty.


  • same thing happened to me...a few weeks after my warranty ran out, my battery died.