how can i get the showing of "Extended battery life is activated" off my screen?


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how can i get the showing of "Extended battery life is activated" off my screen?

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In the bottom right of my screen is a rectangular blue box that says Extended battery life activated, and it stays on the screen, in front of everything.  Even when I go online. Is not just on the task bar is above that on lower right. Drives me nuts - always on top and in the way. It does not allow clicking or right clicking on it.

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  • You need to say what model computer and operating system. That message appears on Laptops. This is the desktop forum. Try turning off Extended battery setting. See if anything in this thread helps--

  • Annoying isn't it? Here's how to get rid:

    • Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open Task Manager.
    • Click on the tab labelled "Processes".
    • Find the process named "quickset.exe", right click on it and select "End Process". Confirm the dialog that appears.
  • You are so awesome! Saved me from months of misery

  • Thanks. It was a big help.

  • Thanks.  Worked for me. 

  • That's awesome rock..

  • nice

  • Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you ~ It was driving me CRAZY!! Huh?

  • did you find the answer? this is also making me crazy! cheers 

  • Greetings,

    killing quickset.exe process isn't very good idea: it closes many useful features of "Quick Set". So the problem still exist! There is some bug inside Quickset source code.

    I wrote some batch code which restarts (not only kills) quickset process. Just create file with notepad called Restart_quickset.cmd and put these lines:

    start /B /wait taskkill /F /IM quickset.exe
    start /B /D "C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet" quickset.exe

    I'll try to contact the developer and to convince them to correct this bug.


    Denis S.