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Problems with Dell XPS 13 ultrabook


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Problems with Dell XPS 13 ultrabook

  • Anyone having multiple problems with XPS 13 Ultrabook?

    1. replace defective battery.... touchPad...

    3. restore operating system...had to get Window 7 OS from Dell...lost all info...

    Now....line on monitor...under glasses...when viewed from ANY angle...

    I have spent HOURS speaking with phone India...this is supposed to be XPS Premium support....keep getting transferred from one to another....

    then support is awful...WHY did I pay for it???

    I would like to hear if anyone else is having this experience.


    Don R.


  • I've been having problems with touchpad ???  Not sure if it's touchpad or not.   When I type my cursor will go few lines up or down or go away completely.  I have to click on the touchpad to insert my cursor back where it was.   Very aggravating!!!!!!   I've talked to Dell.  They blamed it on the touchpad and replaced it but it's still doing it.  Have you had this issue?

  • I have had many problems with the XPS 13....Battery replaced...


    all kinds of touchPad issues....

    OS system failed....

    now "crack" in monitor screen...

    I DEMANDED a new it ....again touchPad issues....and Battery status button doesn't work....

    Support (in India) is awful!!!....they have no clue....

    I have had many Dell products ...never a problem until now...I was hoping to purchase 8-10 of the XPS 13's for my dental practice...

    but it maybe time to try APPLE...

    Call Dell Corprate office....speak with someone in USA...the folks in outsourcing in you not to worry and DO's a waste of money to buy premium support...

    In my humble opinion..and I wish I was wrong!

    Good seems like a lot of folks are experiencing problems with this "top of the line" product...

    I like the concept...the execution is not very good...


    Don R.

  • I have had problems with cursor jumping and "losing focus" since day one.  I'll be typing in one window and suddenly the cursor is gone--to another window, or up several lines.  I've spent a lot of time checking that my hand wasn't brushing the touchpad and I am sure I am not.

    Trying to gather the energy to consult Dell customer service.  (I just had them on the phone for my year-old XPS whose hard drive failed and they were very good.  I wish one could predict in advance.)

    This touchpad issue is something that afflicts many different brands, and the run-of-the-mill tech people tend to blame it on the user or on the touchpad but I have to think it's a design issue.  It feels like just the presence of your hand on a corner of the laptop (AWAY from the touchpad) is enough to trigger it.

    Any ideas?  Anyone have the problem solved by Dell?

  • I think there is a sensitivity adjustment for the touch pad.   If it is too sensitive, you do not have to "touch" it, just come close to it.   The touch pad uses a change in capacitance to activate.   Your finger or other body part is part of the capacitor.   Changing the proximity to the pad activates it.

    Go into the Windows Mobility Center.  Under TOUCHPAD is a button to Adjust Sensitivity.   Give that a try.

    Also connect an external mouse via USB port and see if the lose of focus continues.   An external mouse is not usually touch (proximity) sensitive.

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  • I experienced exactly the same problem (focus loss).

  • I think I have actually found the solution on my own!   I researched it and found this website and it gave me step by step directions.  Followed it and it worked!!!  I haven't had any problems since!!!  So Happy !

  • I am definitely having some issues.  Got the ultrabook in early March.  I do have the touchpad sensitivity issues, but decided all touchpads had their problems. 


    Regularly while on the internet and even in my mail,  the screen image will "disappear" and my desktop image  will appear. If I tap the mouse or touchpad the internet site or mail screen will reappear.   I tried a wireless mouse.  The problem still existed so I tried a wired mouse.  The problem still existed.  I switched it to the USB port on the left of the computer.  The problem still existed.   At this point, the problem exists regularly, but I have not been able to tie any significance to the times that it occurs.  I can be using the touchpad, a wireless mouse in either USB port, or a wired mouse in either USB port...the screen will "blank" out.

    In the last two days I have spent at least four hours talking and working with three different DELL support people- two of whom tried to sell me a software warranty.  The XPS support person said he had never heard of anyone having my problem with the screen image and his fix was to reinstall my factory settings.  I allowed him to reinstall the factory settings, but I did let him know that the problem has existed right out of the box.  In addition to having to reinstall all my programs, the problem occurred again last night when I was on the internet.

    Has anyone else experienced any similar problem?

  • I think you're having the same issues I was and it's "focus stealing."  Look at the post that I posted right before yours and go to that link and follow the instructions.  I did and I'm not having that problem anymore and actually starting to like my computer!

  • I'm relieved to say I'm not having those issues (so far). So there may be hope for you! :)

  • yes, i have this issue too...been trying to find out what the real issue is but nothing is obvious...not sure it is a touchpad seems like a background program is grabbing control of the cursor....i thought it was the facial recognition software so i turned it off, still no success...

  • thanks for this post!!!....seems to work for me


    Disable "tap to click" under Cypress Trackpad settings which can be found in the system tray.

    When you are typing it is highly likely that your palms are tapping the track pad and causing the cursor to jump to what ever spot it was in.

    This has been an issue for me with every laptop I have owned and I always use the track pad buttons to click where I desire.

    I am certain this will solve many of your problems.

    For everyone else, I have yet to experience a problem with my ultrabook and am more than happy with it minus slight overheating which is not to noticeable thanks to the carbon fiber bottom.

    Hope I could help!

  • No, that does not help at all... it is the registry that needs to be edited....its the timeout problem being set to zero and screen keeps getting stolen by another program....

  • That's exactly it.  See my earlier post and link if you still need it.Big Smile