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Factory reset Inspiron mini 1012

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How to you do factory reset on a Inspiron mini 1012, windows 7, so it is when it comes out of the box.

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  • F8 before WIndows loads.

  • Turn on or restart your Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook.

    Press the "F8" key repeatedly when the "Dell" logo appears on the screen to be redirected to the

    "Advanced Boot Options" menu.

           Highlight "Repair Your Computer" and press "Enter."

           Highlight the language layout you want to use for your keyboard and click "Next."

    Enter your username and password if prompted. Click "OK."

           Click "Dell Factory Image Restore" and click "Next."

    The recovery software on some Dell Mini systems may require you to click

    "Dell Factory Tools" followed by "Dell Factory Image Restore" and "Next."


           Click "Next" if you understand the netbook will be restored to its original factory settings.

    The recovery process will begin.

           Click "Finish" when a message appears saying the recovery is complete. The netbook will restart and boot up to the Windows Vista or Windows 7 set-up screen, where you can begin personalizing your netbook.

    Windows XP Recovery

           Turn on the computer. Press "Ctrl-F11" at the same time while the computer is booting up to access the recovery software.

           Click "Restore."

           Click "Confirm" to begin the recovery process, which shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes.

           Click "Finish" to restart the computer and finalize the installation.

    Click "Yes" to restart the netbook again. The computer will boot up to the Windows XP setup screen.

       Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Recovery

           Plug an external optical drive into an available USB port on your Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook.

    Insert the Ubuntu LTS disc that came with your netbook and restart your netbook.

           Press the "F12" key repeatedly when the Dell logo appears to be redirected to the "Boot Options" menu.

           Highlight the name of your optical drive and press "Enter." Press "Enter"

    again to boot the netbook from the optical drive.

           Select the language your operating system should function in and press "Enter."

    Select the language for your keyboard configuration and press "Enter."

           Select your time zone and then press "Enter."

    Select the option to automatically partition your hard drive and click "Enter."

    When the process is complete, select "Standard System"

    to install the standard programs that come with the operating system.

           Type a password for the default administrator account when you are prompted, and click "OK."

    Type in a username and password for your user account and click "OK."

    Remove the Ubuntu LTS disc. Press "Enter" to restart the netbook and begin

    personalizing your operating system.

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    Dell - Unresolved Customer Service Issues

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  • What if when you hit F8 it says cant find HHD

  • Hi jtbess,

    There could be an issue with the hard drive, because of which you get the hard drive not found message. I request you to shut down the system first and restart it. While restarting, keep tapping F2 key multiple times (twice every second) at the Dell splash screen. This will take you to the BIOS screen. Please locate the Internal HDD on the screen and check if the hard drive name is displayed next to it. 

    You can also run the hardware diagnostics by holding the “Fn” key and turn the system on. This test will check all the hardware components in your system. Please make a note of any error codes you may come across during the test.

    I hope this helps

    Please reply in case of any queries

    Thanks and regards
    Harish R


    Thanks and Regards,
    Harish R
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  • After I get where it ask for user name and password and I don't know them what do I do?

  • Hi harrismelissa,

    For accessing recovery options, you need to login as administrator. You may click on the username to select the administrator account and type the password. If you have not setup any password, you may leave the password field blank. However, if you have forgotten the password, the only way to re-install the operating system is with the help of Operating system re-installation DVD's. For OS media dvd's, please check the box in which you received the system or let me know if you created the factory recovery media when you first received the system.

    Note : Factory recovery or re-installing operating system will lead to complete data loss. Please backup important data before proceeding further.

    Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sundeep B
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  • Hi I did all the things you said at first but it still starts the same I forgot my password and have saved all my data to flash drives I just want to reset it all
  • May I just explain how far I got: after hitting F8 several times when the dell icon appears in the boot-up process I got to a screen where there are many choices such as start windows normally etc.. (the advanced boot menu screen) here the instructions say to choose repair computer but what happens when I choose that every time is that the computer just goes back to booting up ! Here are the instructions I have been following:


  • I am trying to reset my  mini back to factory settings.  When I press F8 and:

    1. Choose Repair your computers
    2. Highlight the language layout you want
    3. Enter my user name
    4. I do not get the option to "Dell Factory Image Restore".

    I also saw where someone suggest pressing CTL F11 at boot time did not work either.  

    Any other suggestions?