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Dell n5010 failing to boot


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Dell n5010 failing to boot

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Hello all,

I have an out-of-warranty Dell Inspiron n5010 that occasionally fails to boot. To be more specific, it will begin to load Windows and then simply turn off. I first noticed this symptom after the laptop had fallen from a recliner to the floor.The laptop shows the same symptoms with the battery in and removed (plugged in).After I disassembled it and did not notice any visible issues I cleaned the heatsink with compressed air and reassembled.

It booted right up, with the fun running. 

To cure my suspicions, I restarted it and experienced the same issues. It will reboot after about 30 minutes of being turned off. I checked the temperatures under moderate use with SpeedFan:

HD0: 40C

Temp1:  58C

GPU:  66C

Core0:  59C

Core1:  59C

I cannot understand if the system is failing because of these temps. sfc /scannow is clear. Just to throw a wrench in any ideas I have, the laptop will remain on until it has to reboot, despite temps.. Then the symptoms will appear again. I have not experienced any BSODs.

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  • Run an extended hard drive diagnostic.  F12 at powerup.

  • There appears to be no issues with the harddrive.