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inspiron n5040 stoped from work and given7 beeps


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inspiron n5040 stoped from work and given7 beeps

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I gifted a new inspiron n5040 laptpop since 2 month ago from saudia arabia , but after 1 month of safe usage the laptop stoped from work suddenly , and when i try to operating it dont start up and dont showing anything on screen , but give 7 beep continuously. i treid to resolve this problem by disconnect and reconnect all parts in the laptop but the proplem didnot resolved , but sometime give 3 beeps when start up and sometime dont give any beep ,while the front led is light in all cases. After that i take it to the laptops engineer (not dell agent ) and after 2days of testing it , he tell me that the laptop need to reinstalling the bios system , and he need another laptop same my laptop to take bios system , and he tell me that he dont see same my laptop model in yemen and all dell laptops in yemen in another model , i told hem to download bios system from dell site , he say this impossible because the avilable softtware in site update only. (infact i didnot satisfaction to his speach) please help me about type of this problem and how i can resolve it
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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Community. 7 beeps on startup means a Processor Failure. You will need to have the Processor replaced.

    Thank you


  • thank you my brother Royan for your answer

    but i told  this  to   engineer after i reading answer about beep codes in this subject

    but he tel me he was try to replase all parts (RAM,processor,hard,... etc) but problem not resolved , but he my be lie , so i