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Inspiron E1505 LCD or Inverter connector


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Inspiron E1505 LCD or Inverter connector

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The LCD screen is not working, I connected an external monitor and the video card is working fine; I run the diagnostics and it passed all the connection tests (lcd and inverter connector). My question is : How do I check if the LCD or tthe inverter connector are working? I hate to change the LCD to find out that the problem is in the inverter. Thanks.
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  • Is there even a faint image on the screen at all?

  • No, it is totally blank, when I turn the laptop on I am able to see the windows logo in a greenish color and then it disappears. How do I know if the backlight is working or not? Thanks

  • If either the backlight or inverter has failed, there should be a faint image on the screen in bright light.  Check the condition of the video cable (runs between the mainboard and display panel).  If it's OK, next would be to replace the screen and the inverter.

  • I also have an Inspiron 6400 which is identical to the E1505, I removed the complete lid from the 6400 and I installed it on the 1505  and it works perfect so  has to be the screen and or the inverter. How about if I remove the inverter only from the 6400 and install it in the 1505 screen? Is it posible to remove the inverter only or both the screen and inverter are one piece only? I am using the elimination method LOL, that's the only way I know how to check this parts.

  • If the screens are the same manufacturer and model, the inverters should interchange (it's a small board behind the screen).  If they're from different manufacturers - say, one LG-Philips and one Samsung -- they likely will not be interchangeable.

  • Yes, the screens are the same manufacturer and model so I went ahead and interchanged the inverters and no luck, still a blank screen so at this point I think it is safe to say the lcd is bad, what do you think?