dell expiron M5030 seven beeps when booting, screen black


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dell expiron M5030 seven beeps when booting, screen black

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i own a dell expiron M5030. it is a year old.

when i tried booting it this morning all i got was 7 beeps and this in an endless loop. no image, no screen.

what can i do?

i purchased it jan, 1, 2011 and i love my dell, i got all my work on it and depend on it, also have no access to a new one right now.

is there anything i can try apart the RAM which is fine, i tried it on another computer and it works fine.

please help.

i am registered with dell and if you need any other data please let me know.



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  • Hi,

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    Inspiron M5030 right? 7 beeps means processor failure. When was the last time it was working? Did you install any software or hardware? If this is under warranty Dell can replace parts. Feel free to add me as a friend and send me the service tag.


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  • I have the same make and model laptop with exactly the same issue. My warranty ran out on 7th March 2012. Does processor failure mean I will lose all my data? Can it be fixed and if so is it a costly procedure? Thanks. :(
  • Hi,

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    Processor failure will not erase your file or documents. Everything is on the Hard Drive. This can be fixed by processor replacement. Actually this will cost you some money. Sometimes it will be more practical to buy a new computer instead of having a CPU replacement. Just transfer your files from the old computer to new. To do this you have to remove the hard drive (this is the manual ) then you can put the hard drive in to enclosure (example: )


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  • Wow. I have the same exact problem. I've only had this laptop for a little over a year. Just last month I had to replace the hard drive. So disappointing. This sounds like a defect and a warranty shouldn't be needed to get it repaired. I will not suggest this product to any friends or family.


    Lanee B.

  • My previous reply has been deleted for some reason. Perhaps it is because like Lanee B I have suggested this fault is a product defect and should warrant a recall from Dell. I have requested an address where I or my solicitor can write to Dell and to date have not recieved a reply. 4 people on this thread and at least 3 others on a removed thread are all complaining about an identical failure in an identical product bought at around the same time.

    7 we know of and Dell do nothing but remove posts and refuse to give a correspondance address ? What is being hidden ?

  • Re above another report same thing

    8 Laptops bought early 2011

    8 Identical Failures

  • Make it 9. I bought in Dec 2010, it died 5/13/2012. Does anybody know where we can buy a replacement cpu?

  • Make it 10...I bought mine in September 2010...I spent £399 just for this just to work 20 months....6 months after buying it the screen needed replaced...11 months after purchase the battery needed replacing...thankfully both those were done under warranty...This is just ridiculous! My previous laptop last me 5 years...I'll never buy Dell & will be suggesting to others not to 

  • How you use a Battery can directly affect how long it lasts.  Keeping the battery at 100 percent in a hot environment can kill a battery faster than cycling 300 times.

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  • 7 Beeps is specific.

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    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • Hi. I am viewing this site for exactly the same reason. My Dell laptop has just developed exactly the same problem and mine was purchased in January 2011. Any updates would be appreciated.
  • Hi Speedstep thanks for your reply. I realise that Batteries etc need replacing at times but on this occaision the battery problem is not the issue. I was advised buy Dell that I needed to buy a new battery at £100+ and after some discussion and expense on a premium rate call they agreed as a one off gesture to replace my Battery, Charger and Motherboard (for the 3rd time !). Needless to say the fault is not in any of these it appears as it has again failed.  7 Beeps is a specific fault and it appears the late 2010 early 2011 models have a recurring manufacturing fault that Dell do not appear to want to address.

  • A Few more I have found in the forum

    Dell customer service .....


    Dell monitor this forum ......... But dont appear to have a reply ?

    For the thechies amongst you I found this post......

    I had the very same problem, 7 beeps on start up. A lot of people have had this problem,

    I have just SOLVED the problem on my laptop. It is a fault with the motherboard.

    (not the cpu well in my case it was not) What I did was to remove the motherboard and

    reflow the gpu and northbridge chip with a hotair reflow system. That was it, laptop

    up and running again.

    I have no idea what this guy is talking about as I am a technophobe but it seems he may have found a solution. Perhaps Dell can check it out and call their previously loyal customers to suggest they will be suggesting a recall to correct the flaw in their equipments manufacture..........

    I somehow doubt it.

  • I wouldn't mind the premium rate number if they fixed my laptop. Did they fix your laptop in the end? I usually find them to be really unhelpful when you don't have a warranty...Three chargers, a new screen, now this...I think I was really unlucky buying this laptop

  • the above in response to jimdown