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CPU Cooling Fan Problem


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CPU Cooling Fan Problem

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I  have a Latitude D830, I found that the CPU cooling fan (Part No. GB0507PGV1-A) does not work after system boots. Is it supposed to start cooling once system boots or not? Should I order a new fan for replacement?

I have a problem with my laptop, it gets hot and suddenly turns off when I am working with my laptop. Then, it does not boot when I try to turn it on. I hear HD spin up and HD activity lights come on then immediately goes off and external display does nothing. After 1 day it starts to work normally! then this scenario repeats again! Is this problem related to the CPU cooling fan that does not start working?



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  • It definately sounds like your system is getting too hot and it is shutting itself down.

    Are you sure that the fan doesn't come on?  Is the heat sink radiator free from dust?

  • Dear Bay,

    Thank you for your comment. I have cleaned the heat sink radiator, but still there is a problem with my system. Now, after 2 or 3 hours working my system continuously it gets too hot and shuts itself down, I installed a system temperature monitor software; GPU temperature is always more than 55 C.

    I am not sure if the fan doesn't come on, I think that when the system gets too hot it starts spinning. However, I think it should start cooling earlier that getting too hot. How can I control the fan spinning?

  • 55C is not that hot.  My processor is running at 57C right now and my notebook is not shutting down.  it occasionally sees 62C.  So someting else must be going on.  The fan may be running intermittently but I cannot diagnose that from here.

    You can take a look at this thread for some more information.


  • I've checked the cooling fan, it's working. I also cleaned the radiator, it was fully clogged by dust. But still there is a problem when my system boots. When I push power buttom, the power light and wireless goes on, then the HDD light goes on and turns off immediately, the display even shows nothing. after about 10 min the system shuts itself down. Then, after 5 or 6 trials with same scenario, the system boots!

    Could you please let me know what the possible problem is?

  • Sounds like the GPU (video graphics processor) is dying.  The Dell 820/830 had real issues with internal heat causing the nVidia GPU to suffer an early death.  If your radiator was clogged there is a good chance it may have overheated badly and damaging the GPU. The heatsync assembly in the latitude is commonly connected to the CPU and GPU which is directly connected to the radiator.  The fan assembly removes heat from the radiator.  So you can see how a plugged radiator could lead to the failure.  Most of the time the only real way to completely remove all the dust is to remove the palmrest assembly (see this youtube link on how to disassemble: