Vostro 3450 Fan Problem


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Vostro 3450 Fan Problem

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Just got a Vostro 3450 form the Outlet.   The fan is coming on excessively for short bursts, and its extremely loud.   The fan turns on from a cold start before POST completes and Windows even begins loading.   Then it keeps coming on over and over at seemingly random times when the laptop is still cool the touch.   If I try to do anything even remotely laborious like watch a video it comes on almost non-stop.   The noise can be heard from 15-20 feet away and is louder than my refrigerator.  Yet the laptop is still not even warm.   I had the same issue with an XPS last year and ended up returning it because support could not help and said it just needed to "break in".

Is the any BIOS fix for this over-active fan?   If not I'm going to have to return this and stick with Latitudes.  Cheers.

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  • Version A11 of the BIOS for the Vostro 3450 is available and it is supposed to help with control on the fan.  It may be downloaded from the following link


    BIOS fixes include

    1.To fix lid function failed in DOS.

    2.Modify fan max speed value to fix WBDD tool fan.exe test failed if system in high temperature

    3.Added LED test interface and changed three multimedia button test interface for factory.

    Here is a decent document on troubleshooting fan noise issues.


    I also certainly suggest running diagnostics.

    Start the notebook tapping F12 and choose diagnostics, allow the PSA to complete and if it asks you to run memory tests choose no, choose yes to boot to the diagnostic partition, choose hardware tests, symptom trees and look for the fan test.

    Please let me know if this helps.


  • Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the BIOS link.  When I used the analyze my system tool, BIOS updates did not come up.  I ran the update and it doesn't seem to have helped.  I completed the BIOS test and it had no errors

    I bought this for small business needs and immediately wiped the partitions and installed my own image.

    Can I download the Diagnostic utility?  I tried searching for it, but all the links are dead.

    While I've got you, can you point me to the most current touchpad driver?  That's also not found with the system analyze tool.  It seems to be partly running fof generic drivers, but no scroll, or configuration mode.


  • You can try downloading the diagnostics from the following link.  The diagnostics are fairly generic and should be able to give a decent test to all of our notebooks.


    The drivers for the Synaptics Touchpad may be found on the following link.