How to disable touchpad in Dell LAtitude E6420


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How to disable touchpad in Dell LAtitude E6420

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I am desperate to undertsnad how to disable the touchpad on my Latitude E6420 laptop.  The F5 key is showing a pictrue of the keypad but it is nopt working.

Help much appreciated.

Best regards,.>Florenece

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  • Hi,

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    To disable/enable touchpad hit FN+F5. This is the manual of your laptop ; in case you need it in the future.


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  • hey but FN+F5 is not working

  • Does this also disable the point stick?  I find that the Dell Touchpad application available from the Control Panel usually does not actually disable the point stick.

    HW/OS: Dell Latitude E6420 / Windows 7 x64


  • I am having the identical problem: no touchpad options show up under the Mouse window under Control Panel.  Function+F5 doesn't appear to affect anything. At this point, I would be willing to go into the bios and completely disable the touchpad if that's a possibility. Without attaching an external keyboard, the built-in keyboard is essentially useless to me for doing real work as I keep accidentally swiping the touchpad while typing. So frustrating!!!

  • I was able to solve this problem. I created a restore point, then I went to the and downloaded a new driver. The tab with the option to disable the touchpad is now showing. I have set my computer to show the icon for the touchpad in the taskpad so I can change this setting as needed. All good now!

  • can u plz mention how exactly you did that thing and provide the link from where you got the driver? my touchpad works fine immediately after booting, but once I login into my user account, it doesn't respond at all. I'm guessing that the problem might be the driver.

  • I'm in the United States, so the Dell support web site that I went to may or may not be the exact one you need. I went to and clicked the "Analyze this system for updates" button. The touchpad driver was one of quite a few drivers that my new laptop needed. I created a system restore point, downloaded the driver, and was able to set the touchpad settings to my liking after that. While I was on that page, I continued to create system restore points and download each of the drivers I thought I might need. Hope this helps! It's an easy answer that I certainly had a difficult time finding.


    Maybe this shorter form of the link to Dell support will be useful for more people.

  • I was forced to disable the touch pad via the BIOS (it and/or the buttons were driving me nuts popping up context menus and selecting all text and surreptitiously deleting it all),  and would like to enable the pointing stick only.

    I attempted to install drivers using the following files from the Dell Support site:
    Dell Driver Windows R315893
    Dell Multi-Touch Touchpad A10 R315893

    Is there a way to do this?

  • Hey folks, I installed the ALPS Touchpad ....  driver and now FN + F5 works like a charm to enable/disable the touchpad and joystick like a charm.

  • I installed this on a Windows 7 64-bit machine that had the same problem and seemed to fix it.

    Dell Multi-Touch Touchpad, v.8.1200.101.112, A12

  • Thank you SO much for this tip to install ALPS Touchpad.  When I first got this laptop (over a year ago) I looked and looked for a solution.  I asked my helpdesk and they did not have a solution either.  This saves tons of frustration.  FnF5 to enable/disable touchpad and joystick works great now!

  • Dear ts255022, I have a DELL Latitude E6530 and I am receiving a Warning Dialogue box in the first window after sign on that reads as follows: ALPS driver has found IOCTL - error : 320. Using the URL in your reply I find that the touchpad on my latitude has a driver update. Do you think this update would correct my dialogue box warning? Please offer any suggestions you might have to help. Thank  you, Joel

  • Hello yerby56, I cannot say for certain, but if you create a restore point before you install the driver update you won't be any worse off than before. I would suggest giving the driver a try.

  • I just got a E6430 and haven't been able to disable the touchpad with the previous instructions.  Can someone help?