Display Adapter AMD Problem?


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Display Adapter AMD Problem?

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I bought a new laptop Dell Vostro 1440, which, according to the producer, has AMD HD 6450M Display Adapter.
From the manufacturer's website I downloaded all neccesary drivers, including the driver for graphics card.

But, manufecturer recognized my Display Adapter as AMD HD 7430M, instead 6450M, and gave me the driver for that product.

Please explain me if somebody know why it is happened.

Thanks in advance.

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  • If you ordered your notebook with the AMD HD 6450m the correct driver is located here


    This driver will work for the following models of video cards

    AMD Radeon HD64501GB / AMD Radeon HD6470 1GB / AMD Radeon HD 7430M / AMD Radeon HD 7450M

    If this is the driver that you are using then it is the correct one.  


  • already did it, but now in the system device window, the display adapter shows that I have amd radeon hd 7430m, and the manufacturer's specifications should be amd radeon hd 6450m.
    In the tab '' driver'' writes that all is well and that there is no conflict.
    Also, in descriptions of the driver, from the link you sent me, writes that applies to amd radeon 6450 1GB, and my device, according to the producer called amd radeon 6450m 512MHz.
    At the following link: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/DriverFileFormats?DriverId=CFJ09&FileId=2731103820&productCode=vostro-1440&urlProductCode=Falsethere is a driver that corresponds to the name of the unit described in the manufacturer's specifications for my computer, but when I tried to install it I received notice that the program may harm my computer.
    Therefore, I am interested why now, after installing the drivers that you recommended me, the computer recognizes the device as a amd radeon 7430, instead of 6450, why the computer informs me that the driver for ati mobility hd 6450m, which corresponds to the description of the manufacturer of graphics device built into my computer, may harm my computer if I install it, and should I need to install it, despite the warning, or to keep the one you recommended me, though the name does not match my graphics card.

  • Without knowing what your service tag is and being able to check the system inventory I can't be sure what shipped with your system.  To my understand though all AMD video cards that ships with the Vostro 1440 should be using version A02 8.88+2342 AMD Radion driver.  It is the newest driver released 2/28/2012 and you should always use the most up to date driver.

    If you have any further questions please shoot me a private message with your name and the service tag of the notebook.   To send me a private message just click on the link to my signature.  


    The link again for A02 8.88+2342  may be found here.