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Hard Drive Noise

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I wasn't sure if I should post this in Laptop section or the Drive Section. Sorry if it's on the wrong section.

My Hard Drive is making a 'Buzzing Noise' even on light use. I know Windows7 is bloated but that isn't an excuse. I've already had an engineer out to see my Laptop for the keyboard. I asked him if he could check the HDD, but he said it was fine. Obviously, I don't know how fast these Hard Drive models run but I know it's too loud, my other laptop makes no noise at all. I'm not even going to go into detail on the heat the laptop produces, I'm very disappointed. 

CPU: Intel i5-460M

Memory: 6GB

Graphics: ATI HD 550v

Hard Drive: 640GB 5400 rpm 

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  • Hi Saint Andrew,

    Welcome to the Community,

    If you feel that HDD is making that buzzing noise which is not normal,to further check run the hardware diagnostics and run Extended Test.For help to run the diagnostics use the link below:


    Post back any error code/message.

    And for system heating issue,have you tried updating the BIOS? Is the fan on the system running normally? You can also check to see if the air vents on the system is clean  and air flow is not blocked.

    Let me know how the diagnostic  goes and also post your system model number.

    Thank You


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  • I've already ran a diagnostic and everything was fine. The system is free of dust since I had an engineer around last week. I told him about the noise and he said it was fine, but it's extremely loud along with the fan. There's no dust at all! 

    Model Number: 5010-0729

    Service Number: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

    Dell Express Code: <ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>

    Thanks Roshan.

  • Hi Saint Andrew,

    Since you're conforming the hardware diagnostic passed without any errors,you can try updating the BIOS from the link below:


    After updating BIOS use your system for sometime and observe if you see any changes on the buzzing sound and also the amount of heat system generates.

    Let me know if updating BIOS helps.

    Thank You


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  • Hi Roshan,

         I own a Dell inspiron N5050 laptop.
    It's hardrive failed within two months.
    The drive was replaced,however i found that replaced drive made some significant crunching or grinding noise,so i called the Dell representative and hardrive has been replaced 4 times since then because of the noise that i hear.
    two times it was Toshiba and two times it was Seagate,but both made similar noise(crunching or grinding).
    Now finally i have Toshibha HDD now but still the same problem.
    I had ran hardware diagnostic  test to check the hardrive,the hard drive passess all tests.

    However i had ran system checkup software by iolo tech,from the Dell official site it showed total 

    It has been 15 to 20 times i have called Dell for the same issue and am tired now,i just want my laptop replaced.

    Please help me on this.

    Inspiron n5050
    Intel core i3-2330M CPU-2.2GHZ
    OS=Windows 7 64bit
    HDD=Toshiba 500GB ,model=MK5076GSX ATA device

    Sevice Tag = <ADMIN NOTE :Service tag removed per privacy policy>


    Santosh Gawde

  • Hello!

    I have the similar model and it seems that I may be having problem with the hard drive too as per the error I get when I run the diagnostics (code 2000 01 42).

    Initially, my laptop will just give me a black screen after showing the Dell logo and wont load windows. I've tried reseating the hard drive and then I've just tried diagnostics and it loaded fine. However, I can hear the machine's continuous buzzing even if there are no programs running.

    Dont know what else to do. Help please?