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Keyboard typing problems


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Keyboard typing problems

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Hello everyone,

I hope someone will help me to solve the problem.

I've got Dell Inspiron 13z (bought 2 years ago).

Few days ago my keyboard stopped working properly, whenever I type, it doesn't type all the letters and letters on the screen appear like few miliseconds later, than needed. Sometimes I even need to press twice on a letter.

I've cleaned the keyboard and the problem still didn't go away. I haven't done anything to my keyboard, it just stopped typing properly.


I am a fast typer and it annoys me that I have to always go back and add letters or type slow in order for all of them to be typed.


I've connected my other keyboard via USB to see if the problem with Software or Keyboard itself and my other keyboard is working perfectly.


Thank you for your help in advance!


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  • Can anyone help?

  • It's highly likely a faulty keyboard or mainboard but try the following:

    1.check your keyboard in safe mode(F8) Dell diagnostics (F12 at power up)

    3.try booting a different Operating system like LinuxMint10(looks like WinXP) from a USB stick

  • I would agree with the faulty keyboard.. I doubt the mainboard.. You can also run the dell 32 bit diagnostics from the resource CD to get at the keyboard test specificly :)

    Terry W.

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  • There were a lot of people on this forum who reported problems with their keyboards and despite replacing it the problem wasn't fixed.An external USB keyboard uses different hardware controller than the internal one.If software errors can be ruled out the keyboard should be the first thing to replace.Just reseating the ribbon cable of the keyboard might be worth trying as well.