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my laptop keeps restarting by itself i have windows 7 on it

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can anyone help me resolve this issue as quickly as possible? it would be much apprecaited.

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  • Hi,

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    When you start the computer will reach the desktop page of windows? How far can it go? Did you receive any error messages or blue screen errors? Brief me more about the problem so I can direct you to the right direction.

    Try this, when it restarts, when you see Dell Logo, keep tapping F8. Then choose safe mode. Lets see if it will boot to safe mode.


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  • the computer starts up as normal it just restarts out of nowhere sometimes no blue screen comes up or anything do u know on what the problem can be?

  • Hi,

    Possible software issue. But I recommend running diagnostics first. This will check Hardware functionality. If hardware passed the diagnostics, we can conlude its a software problem.

    To run diagnostics, restart the computer, on Dell logo, keep tapping F12, then choose diagnostics, run test.

    Post back for any error codes, so we would know whats our next step.

    Best regards,

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  • sorry for the long reply. i just did a diagnostics test i got this error code. 0146 MSG: error code 2000-0146   my computer just restarted while i was away from it for a couple of minutes ago. so whats the next step from here?

  • Hi Jason,

    2000:0146 is a Hard drive error. Sometimes this can be fixed by doing a reformat and reinstall operating system. If problem still persists, you need to replace the Hard drive.

    Some useful links;

    Reinstalling windows manually ;

    Drivers Install Guide :


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  • thanks i really appreciate this bro. i will do that as soon as i back up everything i need.. i didnt know that u had to install the drivers also but now i know.

  • You are welcome, feel free to post back here in our community if there is any other concerns.

    Thank you,

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  • hey how's it going man i just brought a hard drive for it but the hard drive that was shipped to me was to big for my laptop. i am having trouble trying to find the hard drive for my dell xps m1530 laptop because the hard drive is so small for it can u help me resolve this issue?

  • Hi Jason,

    Definitely I can help you with that. Did you order it via Dell Online Sales.? I added you as a friend and please send me the order # via private message.


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  • no i ordered it off of this website called but i was looking around earlier i found out that best buy has it so i just went there to go get it for $70.00 plus a 3year warrenty on it if it goes out or anything. Thanks for your help again bro i appreciate it.

  • HI can somebody help me please

  • No i did not

  • Hi,

    Please help me. Im using Dell Inspiron.

    I alrd did the diagnostics n run test.

    The error code is 2000-0314.

    It says that my laptop thermal CPU thermistor reading exceeds the limit.

    & it state about validation: 99576

  • im having same problem but my error code is 2000-0147 my laptop keep restarting for no reason ? I also cant connect to my house network but i can search others network how to fix it ?