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Latitude E6500 CD/DVD drive goes missing


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Latitude E6500 CD/DVD drive goes missing

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Have a strange problem.   On my laptop (Dell Latitude E6500 / Windows 7 Ultimate x64) when I first boot the computer from power off - the CD/DVD drive is always disabled in device manager.   I can re-enable it and it is good to go.  Note I do have daemon lite installed with one virtual drive and it is always available - dont thing daemon is the problem.

Gets weirder.   If I close the lid of the laptop (which I always do instead of shutting down) for any length of time, when I open it again the drive is gone.   Not in my computer, not in device manager, and cannot even eject - the button doesnt work like it is not getting any power.

If I reboot the laptop, I can see the laptop drive light flashing and when into Windows it is again disable in device manager and I renable and it is good to go.

When closing the laptop for just a short period of time the drive will stay available it is when the lid is closed for a length of time.

Odd - any ideas ?

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  • Ok update.   My CD/DVD is disabled everytime after booting into Windows.   I have to manually go into device manager and enable it after startup.   Then it is fine.    How can I be sure it is enable for each boot ?

  • Is there a solution for this?  I also have this problem on a E5430.  As well, the Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 6 comes up disabled.

    I have already done the windows and dell updates.

  • I also have the same problem as OP. Optical drive must be enabled manually in device manager after reboot or awakening from sleep mode.

  • Forgot to follow up on this.  After going through diagnostics, reinstalling windows, updating BIOS, working with Dell tech support, it occurred to me I had not removed the battery to do a cold restart.  I did that and problem solved!

  • Yes Verheek, removing battery and unplugging ac adapter should be first line options for troubleshooting hardware issues on a notebook.

    I also found the solution to my problem... motherboard was going bad. Started having intermittent failures to post during power-on.

  • Strangely, this fixed it for me:*&ProductID=2101

    Could somebody please verify that this works?

    My system:
    Windows 7 64-bit

  • Hi this is Andrew,

    I also came across this forum to also figure out the dell dvd error and strangely I tried the Rapid Storage by intel and it worked. I wondered how it could possibly be but After doing some research the RST.EXE uses a virtual Raid driver (basically fake) to make the ivy bridge machines more compatible with drives such as hdd and cd/dvd. after installing it a process called intel rapid storage shows up on the system tray and when right clicking the process sure enough it detects the drive.

    you my friend deserve a Cookie LOL