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Latitude E6410 - screen flickers

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Laptop E6410

I have had a technician come out for this problem because we thought my fan was dead. He came and replaced the fan, the motherboard and the heatsink chassis. The fan does work, I ran a diagnosis by booting with a cd.  Now whenever my computer goes to sleep after being idle when I leave to go downstairs or something, after I turn it on the screen flickers around the edges. To be honest it kind of looks like a moving picture frame. I have attached a photo to outline where the flickering occurs. 

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  • The picture may be a little blurry, thats because I converted it to a .gif file. But that blurriness is exactly what the flickering looks like at the edge of the screen where the black lines are. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!   btw the technician is coming again friday.

  • I'd be interested to know if the technician fixed the issue for you. I have the exact same problem with my 6410. They already replaced the screen and the motherboard, but neither helped.