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XPS 14Z bluetooth audio not working


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XPS 14Z bluetooth audio not working

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I can connect/pair my Motorola S9 headset.  but I can't get the audio to play out of them.  anyone have any ideas?  Drivers?


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  • Wah!!! I guess no on else is having this problem

  • I checked Motorola's website regarding the headset


    When your headphones successfully pair and connect

    with your phone or music player, the indicator light turns

    blue and purple. Music playing from your connected

    music source is heard on your headphones.


    • After successfully pairing your headphones and

    Bluetooth device, you don’t need to repeat these

    steps. For each use, ensure that your

    headphones are turned ON and that your

    device’s Bluetooth feature is ON.

    • Some music devices will automatically attempt

    to play music when the S9-HD re-connects to it.

    • For more information on pairing, refer to your

    music device manual, or visit www.motorola.com/


    • To stream music, you’ll need a device or adapter

    that supports the Bluetooth Advanced Audio

    Distribution Profile (A2DP). For help determining

    whether your device is A2DP enabled, visit

    www.motorola.com/phones/stereo or call


    So what are the indicator lights showing on the headset?

    I would also check to see what Windows is showing about the headset.  Right click on the speaker icon on the taskbar,  Choose playback devices.   Is the bluetooth Headset showing up here?   If so right click on it and choose "set this device as default"  See if you get sound.


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  • Terry thanks for the reply.  I have seen these resolutions.  My headphones shows up as "connected", but do not show up as a playback device.  I had a couple of screen shoots to attach but the site kept erroring when I tried to

  • Yeah if Windows isn't showing the headset as a playback device that will certainly keep you from hearing sound from the headset.  I didn't notice any drivers from Motorola but that is where I would look.   If you are able to pair the headset have it connected, there wouldn't be a problem with the Bluetooth on the notebook.


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